TWEET: Wilfried Zaha Pulls The Daily Mail’s Pants Down For Lying About Him

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The Daily Mail’s reputation across the UK has never been particularly strong. The publication are well known for making up sensationalist headlines across both their news and sports pages in the pursuit of sales and web traffic but of late, there seems to have been a spike in the number of high-profile figures publicly calling them out for their lies, with Wilfried Zaha the latest to have a pop.

The Palace winger’s decision to take the tabloid to task publicly comes after they ran a story yesterday suggesting that the 26-year-old is in the process of suing agent Will Salthouse following his failure to secure a move away from Selhurst Park over the summer. Clearly, despite a rather detailed piece, the actual truth is nothing close to what has been reported with Zaha making sure those who follow him on social media know his take.

Given the wide-man’s following on social media, it’s an odd way for the paper to go about their business, with each spurious claim open to being blown out of the water at a moment’s notice after a few simple taps on a phone screen. In each instance, another small chunk of The Mail’s credibility is chipped away, which in the long run, will only lead to their publication being given next to no access by star’s when asked for interviews or opinions. It seems short-term hype is prioritised over respect on a daily basis inside their walls which, with the best will in the world, is simply not a solid way to run a company focussed on maximising profits.

I now have personal experience of this, after seeing my own interview with Wilfried Zaha twisted by the exact same publication to present an image of the winger which was blatantly untrue. As was the case yesterday, Wilfried called out the bogus claims then too but it seems to have had zero impact on their editorial decisions.

Zaha should be applauded for continually making a stand against lies about him in the press, it’s just a shame those behind The Mail’s desks are failing to take any notice.

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