Townsend & Zaha Pull The Sun’s Pants Down Over Lies Printed On Their Back Page

3 Posted by - August 14, 2019 - News

Yesterday morning, I tentatively covered an “exclusive” report from The Sun in which Neil Ashton claimed there had been a training ground meeting at Crystal Palace, initiated by Mamadou Sakho, to clear the air with star man Wilfried Zaha. Over the following 12 hours, that “exclusive” was proven to be nothing more than a pack of lies.

Plenty of people were rightly sceptical of the report from the off, given its source but on the face of things, it did seem feasible. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Andros Townsend to tell us all via his Twitter account that no such meeting took place. His post was quickly followed up by teammate and man at the eye of the storm Wilfried Zaha, who categorically stated that the entire piece was a full-on lie.

You’d think by now, given the publication’s toxic reputation, not to mention the ease with which bullsh*t can be debunked, that The Sun would think twice before publishing tall tales as their lead back-page story but clearly, lessons have not been learnt. The fact that the “exclusive” comes from well known Palace fan Neil Ashton only serves to make the whole thing more laughable, with his standing behind the scenes at Selhurst Park now likely to be in tatters.

We as football fans deserve better than to be spoon-fed nonsense each and every day by writers who think they won’t be called out for spreading false stories in the search of hysteria. The job of a sports journalist has become more nuanced in recent years, with the average fan in the street being more clued up than ever before. Thankfully, that ever-growing number of supporters know not to trust a word printed in the comic that is The Sun.

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