EXCLUSIVE: Listen To A 50 Minute Interview Between HLTCO & Darren Ambrose

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This morning I’ve released a 50 minute one-on-one audio interview between myself and Crystal Palace legend Darren Ambrose; the first of what I hope will become a rather lengthy series of podcasts in which I talk to the big personalities in the Eagles’ past, present and future.

As someone who is far more at ease expressing himself with a pen or a keyboard than behind a microphone, I won’t lie and pretend that I didn’t enter into this venture with a degree of trepidation but having run HLTCO for some eight years now, it feels like this sort of thing will be welcomed by the vast majority of people who visit the site from day to day.


A couple of years back, I decided, having listened to feedback from regular readers, to get rid of adverts altogether on HLTCO; a move that hit me in the pocket but hopefully improved everyone’s experience of using the site. As a consequence of this, I opened a Patreon page, which in short allows people to pledge as little as $1 a month (it’s an American platform) to go towards the running of the site. As someone who spends upwards of 30 hours a week putting HLTCO together on the side of a full-time job, I am extremely grateful for each and every dollar I receive.

Whilst HLTCO has always and will continue to be completely free to those who want to read it without pledging, this series of interviews will be something a little different. As they are a separate and entirely new aspect of my output, they’ll be hosted directly on Patreon and will be available to those pledging $3 a month or more. Alongside that, Patrons will get access to a monthly long-read (at least 1,500 words) on a topic of interest to Palace fans, whether it be a moment in our history, a tactical deep-dive or a general POV piece on a current talking point around the club. Last but not least, Patrons will be given the chance to ask questions for upcoming guests, (the next interview will be with Guardian journalist Dominic Fifield) all of which hopefully sounds like a relatively attractive package for the price of a single coffee a month.

I feel the need to point out that the quality and frequency of output generated for www.hltco.org will not drop with the introduction of this new tier of user involvement; it’s something I’ve taken years building which I am extremely proud of and consequently, I don’t ever intend to let the site lay dormant. Think of this as a completely new arm of HLTCO.

If you like what I do and more importantly are keen to hear Darren Ambrose talk incredibly openly and honestly about Neil Warnock, Paul Hart, the administration season, his deep love for Palace, the special relationship he has with the fans and a whole lot more, click on the link provided in this article and sign-up.

I promise you, I will be working incredibly hard to ensure that you get value for money with the guests and long-reads each and every month.

Thank you.

HLTCO has no adverts, we cannot survive without your help.

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