REPORT: Palace Are Considering A Move For Copa America Starring Defender

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With Copa America now in full swing, it’s no surprise to see Premier League clubs linked with all manner of South American stars and it appears Crystal Palace are about to throw their hat into the ring for Paraguayan defender Gustavo Gómez.

The 26-year-old has recently been on the books at AC Milan, giving him something of a grounding in the European game and whilst a deal remains some way off becoming a reality just yet, there’s no doubt that he has the sort of pedigree which would excite the club’s supporters.

Standing at 6’1, Gómez appears to be the very definition of a straightforward defensive presence, seldom trying anything too flashy and sticking to his assigned job throughout his time on the pitch. Whilst many people expect defenders to more than concentration and a calm head in the modern game, Gustavo is proof that you can still make waves whilst being incredibly steady if unspectacular at the heart of a back four.

Extremely comfortable in the air, it looks in essence as though the Paraguay star is well suited to the demands of the English game but with a move to Palmeiras having been ironed out just recently, it’s difficult to envisage how Palace would go about bringing him to SE25 from August onwards. As of yet, there’s been no indication to suggest that he’d be particularly open to a move to the UK and after starting and playing a key role in a run of games for the Brazilian club prior to Copa America getting underway, I can’t imagine he’s too enamoured with the idea of packing up his things and moving back to the continent he’s just left behind.

If Palace have some information up their sleeve to suggest that Gómez is attainable in the summer window, I for one am all for it but from the perspective of someone on the outside looking in, there remain a number of hurdles to negotiate before we can even think about popping the celebratory bottles of Champagne.

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