Manchester United Are Being Laughed At After Latest AWB Talks Go Public

1 Posted by - June 25, 2019 - News

The latest twist in the Aaron Wan-Bissaka transfer saga has seen Palace remind Ed Woodward and Manchester United that they will not be bullied into accepting an offer they feel falls short of the full-back’s immediate valuation; with one element of the negotiations in particular likely to have left the Red Devils a little red faced.

Whilst the 21-year-old is still being widely tipped to have swapped Selhurst Park for Old Trafford by the time the current transfer window draws to a close, United’s most recent offer to Steve Parish fell well short of what he viewed acceptable, prompting a flat refusal which left talks up in the air with no immediate sign of a resolution.

Woodward is thought to have offered an initial fee of £35 million, which in itself will have been looked upon as something of an insult by Palace, only for the various add-ons attached to the bid to provoke a chuckle rather than giving officials from SE25 pause for thought. One particular section of the bid was apparently reliant on Manchester United winning the Champions League; a scenario Palace reportedly saw as being “wildly unrealistic”. Both the wording of our reaction and the front shown by United forced me to raise a smile upon first reading but in truth, it does make you wonder how likely the two clubs are to eventually find some common ground.

Talks are said to have taken place between the two parties yesterday afternoon with Palace still pushing hard for the removal of the sell-on clause Manchester United have in relation to Wilfried Zaha. Some have already got their knickers in a twist suggesting that it signals the imminent departure of the 26-year-old too but from my point of view, it just looks like good future-proofing giving the unique position we currently find ourselves in.

Will there be concrete news today? I’m not even sure the men and women attempting to hammer out a deal could tell you for sure.

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  • Colin June 25, 2019 - 7:34 am Reply

    I imagine Aaron is being offered a large wage by Man U. But is it a stable club for him to go to at a stage when he is still developing? Man U is well off the organisation of the title challengers and the squad is unstable and the manager insecure. Quotes from van gaal and mourinho indicate the need fro Man U to modernise. Why go into a club where there may be a manager change mid season and he is not favoured by the successor.

  • Tony Scott June 25, 2019 - 8:06 am Reply

    If Palace get rid of the sell on clause surely their balance sheet will show their assets have increased by that amount just the same as if they had been paid it in cash.

  • !!!!!! June 25, 2019 - 8:35 am Reply

    all I knw is we need to sign a replacement rb before we Release anyone. Forgive me for me lack of confidence but del boy parish and hes last day stratedy doesn’t always work.
    also forgive me neil shipperly but your view on ward being an adequate replacement for wan bisaka also incorrect stick to combined Saturday football, oops you messed that up as well didn’t you.

  • Mike Ward June 25, 2019 - 9:18 am Reply

    Got to love Parish and the team for not caving and for the tone of the response.

    As you’ve told many people on twitter, we don’t want to sell him.
    So if they want to buy him it has to be on our terms.

    Sounds to me like we’re trying to leverage as much as we can from our position of strength.
    It’s a rare opportunity and we’d be foolish not to try and make sure we get what we can from it.

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