The Daily Express Drop A Massive Clanger With AWB Back Page Story

5 Posted by - June 11, 2019 - News

The last few weeks have seen Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s name routinely pumped out across the sporting press amidst speculation that the youngster is poised to make the move from Crystal Palace to Manchester United but this morning, The Daily Express couldn’t even get an actual picture of him to accompany their back page story.

The Reds failed to convince the Eagles to give the green light to a £40 million deal for the right-back over the weekend and are now widely expected to return today with an improved offer of £50 million + add ons, prompting the tabloid to devote their back page to the story, using a stock image of Chelsea loanee Michy Batshuayi instead of the Palace academy star.

Is it racism? Is it stupidity? Is it just sheer laziness? In truth, it’s probably a mixture of all three but whatever way you look at it, the editorial team behind a national daily newspaper really should be doing better with things like this. It’s not even a case of Wan-Bissaka being an unknown name; he’s been up there with the best defenders across the most widely watched league in the world for 18 months, the fact that they can’t even be bothered to double check that they’re using his actual face on their back page is as a laughable as it is offensive.

We’ve all come to expect this sort of idiocy from the press but we really shouldn’t have to.

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