VIDEO: The Documentary On Palace’s “Survival Sunday” Is Absolutely Fantastic

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There have been hundreds of quotes and column inches devoted to Crystal Palace’s 2-2 draw with Sheffield Wednesday in the nine years since it unfolded on an overcast May afternoon at Hillsborough but the video documentary released yesterday by the club is up there with the most moving accounts of a day that will be seared in our supporters minds forever more.

Pulling together interviews from Darren Ambrose, Shaun Derry, Jonny Ertl and Paul Hart, Palace have re-told the story of our season from January to May of 2010 with care, emotion and an eye for drama. In truth, the roller-coaster ride of that campaign needs little fluffing up to keep people engaged but even so, the ease with which they capture the emotion of that period really is impressive.

The years following it have brought about our club’s most successful period ever and with it a multitude of incredible highs but in truth, it’s unlikely that we’ll come across that sense of oneness with a group of players ever again. That togetherness was likely brought about by the circumstances more than anything but even so, we were blessed with a group of players who readily gave sweat, blood and tears for the shirt, despite not getting paid a penny for months.

There are some wonderful quotes given throughout the film, whether it’s Darren Ambrose talking about being floored by Alan Lee in the celebrations for our first goal, Shaun Derry discussing being five cans deep on the coach home and being mobbed by Palace fans at the services or Paul Hart explaining why Palace are the best club he’s ever worked for.

Do yourself a favour and set aside 10 minutes to watch this. I promise you won’t regret it.

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