Manchester United Ready Insultingly Low Bid For Wan-Bissaka

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Palace fans across the world are braced for a summer of intense speculation regarding the future of their best players and according to a report in The Evening Standard, Manchester United have made a first concrete if embarrassingly low bid for Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Tied down to a long-term contract in SE25 after making a giant splash in the first-team towards the back end of the 2017/18 season, Palace are under no immediate pressure to part with the full-back and as such are thought to be holding out for offers of £50 million or more, all of which makes the Reds’ move all the more laughable.

Some will no doubt suggest that it’s the beginnings of a negotiating process from Ed Woodward and Ole Gunnar Solskjær but I struggle to understand the logic behind coming in so much lower than the fee we would eventually end up accepting. Is it an attempt to unsettle him? Possibly but with Wilfried Zaha as a team-mate, Aaron could hardly have a better example of a player who jumped ship too soon and ended up paying the price.

Wan-Bissaka himself has shown no signs of whatsoever of trying to force his way out of Palace at a time in his career when he is very much still learning his trade. Yes, he has an outrageous amount of potential but at Selhurst, he can be sure of another full year of first-team starts with a fan-base fully behind him throughout. I have no doubt in my mind that he will eventually move on, that’s inevitable given the ability he possesses but this summer simply feels too soon.

If clubs like United are deadly serious about taking him off our hands, they’ll have to get realistic with the bids they’re putting in sooner rather than later. Steve Parish has already gone public with a declaration that the club will not be backed into a corner when it comes to the summer market and I fully expect him to stay true to his word.

£25 million is just pathetic. We know it, United know it and so does everyone else in the game.

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