James Tomkins Could Miss The Rest Of Crystal Palace’s Season

1 Posted by - April 8, 2019 - News

It’s been somewhat lost in the stories surrounding Wilfried Zaha since Saturday’s game against Newcastle finished but Palace defender James Tomkins might well have played his last game of the 2018/19 campaign.

The former West Ham man has been a rock at the back for the Eagles this season and was doing a fantastic job of holding down the fort in Mamadou Sakho’s absence in recent weeks but midway through the game at St James’ Park last weekend, he immediately signalled to a groin injury which looked more than capable of being a season-ender.

Having started in central defence alongside Martin Kelly on the way, Tomkins was replaced by Scott Dann and whilst the remaining duo managed to see out a clean sheet in the North East, most will be worried about how Roy Hodgson’s men will cope without either of their first-choice central defenders.

Thankfully, Saturday’s victory looks to have taken us well beyond any worries of falling through the Premier League trapdoor in May but even so, many have seen hopes of kicking on and securing a place in the top half dealt a significant blow by Tomkins’ setback.

It’s testament to James that he has established himself so clearly ahead of the likes of Martin Kelly since swapping east London for south. I’ll readily admit to being shocked at West Ham having parted with him so easily back in 2016, with their loss definitely having been our gain.

Fingers crossed Tonks returns before the players jet off on their summer holidays but if the sight of him hobbling off in Newcastle last Saturday are anything to go by, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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  • ee signing April 8, 2019 - 5:31 pm Reply

    Its a relief that we may now have enoug tp stat up without him (and Mamadou too) Youd be very worried if this happened a month or two back

    • Gordon April 8, 2019 - 8:00 pm Reply

      Very true ee.
      Dann & Kelly can fill in and cover – as they did at Newcastle – but they’re our second string. Now our cover will presumably be Kouyate and then the youngster, Sam Woods. AWB got his chance to shine through injuries. I wonder if Woods might shine if he gets a similar opportunity. He’s been on the bench recently, which suggests he’s rated quite highly,, so I’d like to see what he can do. We need to make more of our young talent.
      And btw it was great to see that Nya Kirby scored for Blackpool at the weekend!

  • tzcar April 9, 2019 - 8:22 am Reply

    for me tomkins injury stems from the amount of work he has to do in most matches.let,s not kid ourselves we are safe because of great defensive work.for the midfield except luka,un in spiring.meyer,kouyate both very poor.townsend yes gives a great work ethic,but as a forward very inconsistent.i feel for wilf,had a good season but i don,t feel palace have played to his strengths.the fan,s on the whole are not satisfied with the tactics.and for me tomkins,sako,wilf,kuka,the rest at best average.

    • Gordon April 9, 2019 - 7:46 pm Reply

      Hang on tzcar. Surely nobody could deny that our defence is sound?
      My personal view is that scanning down the GD column usually reveals the teams that deserve their league positions and those that don’t. As the season comes to its conclusion, we are gradually hauling in the teams above us with worse goal differences. Our GD hasn’t been achieved through goal scoring. It’s been through being tight in defence,
      But we don’t just defend with our back 4 – we defend as a team. We have Milivojevic protecting the CBs, Townsend working with AWB, and Schlupp working with PVA. We also have MacArthur coming back to cover. I don’t recognise your view of an exposed defence being overworked and suffering injuries as a result.
      Furthermore, if this was the case why would some fans be calling for more adventurous/less cautious play from the team? This would surely put more physical pressure on our defenders.
      i have to say that just a few days ago I was reviewing our squad appreciatively and thinking that, but for a couple of decent signings, we would have a solidly mid table outlook
      At the end of the day it’s all a question of opinions.

    • Jose Fonte, baby? Jose Fonte, oh, oh, oh April 10, 2019 - 7:45 am Reply

      Tomkins has always been quite injury prone. Even at West Ham he barely made a full season without a couple of minor injuries here and there.

  • tzcar April 10, 2019 - 7:14 am Reply

    like i said gordon u only get the edited version on t.v. u don,t go to the games and what is really going on.i can assure your seeing the pretty picture not the whole evidence.yes on t.v.things look satisfactory but this is not real.and i never said anything against luka, a superb player.definately for me our player of the season,and with awb the fan,s favourite.but i as always your diferential view.

  • Jose Fonte, baby? Jose Fonte, oh, oh, oh April 10, 2019 - 7:47 am Reply

    This could be a chance to give Riedewald and Woods some games at CB. Both have potential to be good and none of Tomkins, Kelly, Sakho or Dann are getting younger.

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