Palace Striker Claims Roy Hodgson Has No Confidence In Him Whatsoever

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Norwegian International Alexander Sørloth has seldom seemed happy at Crystal Palace under the management of Roy Hodgson and now the man himself has explained why. 

Despite the Eagles splashing out big money to take Sørloth from Midtjylland 15 months ago, it seems as though the gaffer has little to no confidence in the striker’s abilities, Indeed, Roy Hodgson has failed to give Alex a single Premier League start since March of 2018, prompting the still young Norwegian International to push for a move away in search of some regular game-time. 

Now on loan with Belgian side K.A.A. Gent, Sørloth is rediscovering something approaching decent goal-scoring form and is therefore keen to explore the possibility of making his stay a permanent one. Those waters are muddied by the fee Palace would be looking for so soon after buying him themselves given Gent’s far shallower pockets but at this stage, it’s impossible to know how highly those behind the scenes in SE25 value the big man. 

As I said when discussing the comments of Gent’s Technical Director yesterday, it’s not Alex’s fault that he wasn’t immediately up to scratch in the Premier League given his age and relative inexperience but whether or not he ever will be good enough to a regular starter in the English top flight is up for debate. Did our scouts simply overestimate his potential? I’d say that’s quite likely. How we move forward from this point will depend upon how financially stubborn our board are in negotiating a fee for Sørloth’s sale with Gent. 

I personally hold no ill will towards the striker and hope he does go on to find long-term good form, either back on our books or elsewhere but as things stand, he’s in a state of limbo that he’ll no doubt hope can be broken sooner rather than later. 

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  • Ben March 21, 2019 - 8:08 am Reply

    Personally from the first time I saw him play I felt he wasn’t up to PL standard. None of us know the circumstances of his transfer. Was he told he was an important part of the first teams plans or was he told that he needed a couple of seasons to grow in to the role. What were the clubs expectations and what were his. As fans have known over the last few seasons we have been crying out for a striker so when Sørloth arrived I think our expectations of him were very high but I don’t think he was anywhere near ready to fulfill the role we hoped for, I don’t know if he ever will. Nothing against the guy, I don’t think he was or at the moment is PL standard.

  • Rhys Jones March 21, 2019 - 9:22 am Reply

    I have nothing against the lad and hope he can find his way but I honestly feel he was bought with relegation in mind. He’d probably flourish with a run of games in the Championship as we rebuilt. As it was, we stayed up and he’s not getting the game time or the experience he needs to get up to speed. I could see them doing another season long lone for exactly the same reason when we stay up again. Like you say, no-one is going to pay £8m for him, so keep him on the books, out on loan and see how he develops.

  • Gordon March 21, 2019 - 9:57 am Reply

    4 goals and a few assists in 11 appearances for Gent isn’t bad, but if some of the video footage I’ve seen is typical of the league they’re in then the skill level & pace doesn’t seem particularly impressive. On the other hand, if it sharpens him up, gets him used to goal scoring again and raises his fitness level, then maybe he should be given a chance to relaunch his career with us next season.
    Listening to his interviews when he joined us, it’s clear he’s an enthusiastic guy who wants to do well for us. In his first interview he confessed to admiring Didier Drogba and wanting to emulate his strength & speed. Well that had me thirsting to see him terrorising our opponents’ defences. His initial failure to deliver on this was put down to his lack of fitness and his need to acclimatise to the pace of the PL. But later on when he’d had a chance to adjust he still wasn’t making an impact. Yes, glimpses of strength and reasonably good in the air, but not by any means fast and seeming to lack an instinctive positional sense – and sadly we’ve already got one striker with these credentials on our books.
    I’d really like him to succeed with us but tbh I’m not convinced he’s capable of it. I hope we give him one more chance next season and he proves me and his other doubters wrong.

  • Mike Ward March 21, 2019 - 11:27 am Reply

    I’m pretty sure that Roy himself said when the loan deal was announced that we didn’t want to sell him because we believe he has a great deal of potential. He had been given several chances to play and win his place in the team. He didn’t take any of those chances. Have we all forgotten his attempt vs Tottenham?
    His form now at Gent is no indicator of his potential in the Premier League because he had decent form in Norway before joining us.
    If he can improve and add a bit of pace he could be a great Palace striker.
    But that involves him putting the effort in and forcing it.
    If he prefers to moan from afar about never being given a chance and the boss not having confidence in him, so that he can force a sale through and play at a lower level well then it’s unlikely he would have the right attitude to make it as a top Premier League striker anyway.

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