Manchester United “Heavily Scouting” Palace Full-Back Wan-Bissaka

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We’ve seen reports circulate regarding potential summer moves for Aaron Wan-Bissaka all season long but over the last few days, the intensity of stories linking the youngster with Manchester United has kicked up a notch or two. 

The full-back burst onto the scene on SE25 in the final months of the 2017–18 campaign and hasn’t looked back since, taking each new challenge in his stride and pocketing the league’s brightest and best wingers week after week. In Palace’s last two fixtures alone, the academy product has completed an astounding 13 tackles, cementing his place as one of the most impressive defenders across the division. 

We’ve seen the likes of Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, Everton and Bayern Munich linked with the south Londoner but now it looks as though Ole Gunnar-Solskjaer’s Reds are the “super-club” the press have landed on as Aaron’s most likely destination. 

Whilst outsiders may see interest from United as a guarantee that Wan-Bissaka will fly the nest between May and August, a certain teammate of his may just have a word of caution for him before embarking on a new adventure at the Theatre of Dreams. Wilfried Zaha knows better than anyone the difficulties a talented young player can face when leaving the comfort and security of Selhurst Park for the goldfish bowl that is Old Trafford. Whilst Solskjær would no doubt be a more trusting boss than Moyes ever was to Wilf, there are still question marks over how well Aaron would adapt to such a big change so early on in his career. 

If Manchester United are serious about taking Wan-Bissaka off Palace’s hands, they’ll be looking at a fee upwards of £40 million and more than likely, closer to £50 million when all is said and done. It may seem like an eye-watering sum to many but given Aaron’s age, performance, potential and England eligibility, it’s only fair that Palace are reimbursed accordingly for losing him. 

I feel as though he’d benefit hugely from one more season of uninterrupted first-team football in south London but money talks and if United are that set on him, we’ll be sure to see it in the offer they send our way once the season draws to a close. 

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  • Steve. March 14, 2019 - 7:10 am Reply

    Bumping my response from 1st March when HLTCO posted a previous article re Man.Utd interest (it was then £40m by the way) :
    “Keep him another season and if he continues his progress then a fee of £60m would be easily achievable…so it then becomes a sound business investment £20m increase in 9 months and we get to keep him for another season. Simples…”

  • Robert Lycett March 14, 2019 - 7:11 am Reply

    Isn’t that what Palace do?
    …find them…feed them…finish…and then let the big boys filch them?
    … Palace the puppy farm!
    What bench warmer Will they spunk the money on next??

  • TonyN March 14, 2019 - 9:52 am Reply

    Having Ward being proven as a RB at premier level (not as good as AWB but) and with the Main stand possibly needing funding depending on the Americans if we can get £50m I can only see Parish selling. Lots of ifs and I can see Wilf getting annoyed as he wants to achieve with the club. Where we finish in the FA cup could have as much of an impact if we are going to press on next season. But if Ma U come in with £50m can any of us see Parish not selling given the current state of play?

  • Gordon March 15, 2019 - 9:12 am Reply

    Joel Ward has been a good & loyal servant to the club but this year he’ll be 30. I respect him a lot, but it’s got to be said that he’s now approaching the end of his career at PL level. He’s good enough to provide cover for another season Imo but not to be our 1st choice RB. His limitations are demonstrated by the marked improvement of our defence since AWB made the position his own.
    If we sell AWB we’d have to find a replacement – and a tried & tested RB won’t be cheap. Perhaps there’s another talented RB coming through the development squad in which case that’s another issue, but I seriously doubt the club would have managed to keep this a secret it were the case. So it might be tempting to see £ signs when looking at AWB, but we need to think of the net rather the gross income we’d get from selling him. We should also consider the message his sale would give – to our other current players and players we might try to recruit in the future – about the club’s ambition.

  • Rob March 15, 2019 - 1:55 pm Reply

    I don’t think Ward good enough now. We should be looking at additional cover for AWB rather than selling him.

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