VIDEO: Knockaert’s Horror Tackle Somehow Avoided A Red From Craig Pawson

1 Posted by - March 11, 2019 - News, Video

The biggest story for the neutral audience coming away from Crystal Palace’s 2–1 defeat at home to Brighton last weekend was Anthony Knockaert’s screamer to win it but questions are being raised over whether or not the midfielder should have been dismissed in the opening minute of the contest. 

The former Leicester man was clearly pumped up for the visit to SE25 and has revelled in the adulation that’s come his way from the Seagulls faithful ever since but having seen his lunge on Luka Milivojevic in the opening minute of the match, I don’t think anyone is in doubt over the fact that he should have received his marching orders from referee Craig Pawson. 

The tackle itself sees Knockaert fly into a challenge on the Serbian, extending his foot and by definition his studs into the Palace captain’s groin with the ball nowhere in sight. He received a yellow card for the tackle but it’s difficult not to feel as though Pawson has based his decision over its timing (inside the first minute) and not the physical severity on show.

As is often the way in football, inaction has led to the Frenchman having the last laugh over the hosts with a beautifully struck winner cannoning off the far post and into the net with the clock ticking away in the second half. Football often kicks you whilst your down and even those calling for a retrospective ban (which can’t happen given the fact that Pawson showed a yellow card) are ignoring the fact that it wouldn’t benefit Palace directly in the manner that playing an almost entire game against 10 men would have done

Had Craig Pawson used VAR for the tackle, I’m 99% sure Knockaert would have been off the field before breaking a sweat but these are the injustices we’re forced to accept as football fans.

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  • Ben March 11, 2019 - 8:26 am Reply

    You’re bang on HLTCO, I felt the same. If the tackle had been in the 60th minute, it perhaps would have had a different outcome. It shouldn’t matter, refs have got to start policing the game from the second they blow the whistle. You also mention that Knockaert was up for the game as were most of the Brighton players, we couldn’t say that about ours though and that’s the big question I took from the game. Why weren’t our players up for it. They looked lethargic and Brighton always seeemed a second ahead of the. It’s worrying that our boys couldn’t get up for what is a huge game for the fans. RH mentioned in his pre presser how it was a big game for the fans, it’s a pity he didn’t get that across to our boys.

    • Lawro March 11, 2019 - 3:56 pm Reply

      I think to be fair to Hodgson he shouldn’t have to get the importance of the game to the fans across to the players. They should know that already. Of the 13 that played only Batshuayi, Guaita and Meyer (who came on in the 77th minute) have been at the club for a shorter time that Hodgson, they’ve all been there when we’ve played Brighton, they should know the rivalry already. Okay Hodgson has more of a personal link to the club, but in any event the players should know the importance. It cannot just be on Hodgson to get them up for a game. They should be able to do that themselves.

      Totally agree with Hoppo though. Knockaert should go, don’t think that can be disputed with really. VAR would have sent him on his way. The injustice is always difficult to take, but hopefully from next season VAR will come in and be being used well.

  • Gordon March 11, 2019 - 10:55 pm Reply

    Early as it was in the match, Knockeart should have walked – just as a certain Watford player should have when the season was just unfolding. Both went on to have influential contributions in matches we lost but should have won.

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