QUOTES: Hodgson Blames “Expectation” For Palace’s Shocking Home Form

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Crystal Palace lost 2-1 at home against rivals Brighton & Hove Albion last weekend, leaving boss Roy Hodgson to wonder whether or not “expectation” was the key factor in his players’ continued struggles in south London. 

The Eagles went into the game on 33 points, knowing that a victory against the men from the south coast would give everyone at the club a real sense of breathing room for the final eight Premier League fixtures but after another poor outing in SE25, we are left, in the words of Roy himself, “looking over our shoulders”. 

With four home games left to play, Palace have the second worst record of any team in the division when playing in front of their own supporters. 13 points from 15 games made up of three victories, four draws and eight defeats does not make for pleasant reading; not to mention the fact that we’ve scored a mere six goals st home from open play since the season began back in August. 

Hodgson’s comments, linked in full at the top of this article, suggest that supporter expectation plays a big part in the minds of the club’s players, who “don’t play in a vacuum” but I personally struggle to see why vociferous vocal backing would be an issue. It’s not as though as expect the world at Selhurst Park, just a team who plays for spirit and verve when roared on by thousands of their own fans every other weekend; sadly, this has been a problem from the moment we were promoted to the Premier League back in 2013. 

In that time, we’ve played 110 home league fixtures, winning just 36 of them, losing 54 and drawing 20. Whilst not expecting the world on a silver plate, I think those who spend their hard-earned cash on a season ticket each year have a right to feel a tad peeved at seeing their side struggle so badly for so long. 

Perhaps it’s just an easily made excuse from Hodgson on what was a hugely disappointing day for everyone associated with the club but it stings a little to hear supporter expectation held up for such a prolonged spell of underachievement on our own patch. If this is the price we pay for having a hugely respected home atmosphere, you begin to wonder why we bother.

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  • tzcar March 11, 2019 - 8:05 am Reply

    typical hodson blames everyone but himself.on fanbase i can assure u the fans blame hodgson.to lose to an ordinary side like brighton,is unbelivable.why for instance pick a defensive midfield trio.why change a good winning side.he played into brighton,s hand,s.dann as left cb.wrong.he was shocking.kelly is left footed and is faster on his feet.the forwards never had one peircing pass to work from.schlup should play lb,he,s more disciplined…meyer should be playing,and kouyate an enforcer.they worked well in tandem at burnley.hodgson,s tactics are out of date.surely come end of the season he must move aside.he just cannot get the best out of these players.then theirs the problem with the yanks,which is bad for steve parish,alot on his plate.

  • Spiceboy March 11, 2019 - 9:33 am Reply

    Agree hate Hodgson his team choices are frigging woeful seriously chasing a game and take off Townsend F off Hodgson. PVA is a liability worst defensive LB in the premiership only good at going forward although even that’s missing now. Jimmy & schlupp in CM are terrible can’t pass for 💩. Saturday 🦇 was shocking as well no close control and couldn’t pass either. Need a mass shake up in the summer.
    Wouldn’t agree with kelly in for Dann though our CB bar the Tomkins error they were solid enough.

  • tzcar March 11, 2019 - 9:49 am Reply

    sorry to disagree.dann struggled throughout the game.persistant holding on corners.how he never got pulled up for a penalty is beyond me.slow on the move.a very poor performance.didn,t react quick enough to va slackness.didn,t close down kockharts goal.papers only gave him a 5.im not complaing about tompkins,he,s been excellent this season.and we had 70 mins to turn the game.but like u said there needs to be a shake up soon.

  • Spiceboy March 11, 2019 - 10:18 am Reply

    PVA was at fault for the second goal all the danger is from his side he can’t tackle or pick up his man his form has been shocking. Schlupp LB Myer begins bats or benteke. And never take off Townsend I cried when that happened was like throwing in the white towel

  • Gordon March 11, 2019 - 10:33 pm Reply

    Guys, I was gutted by the result & also aspects of the team’s performance vs our very much inferior rivals.
    But I think there are a few buts that are worth mentioning:
    But please – let’s not get carried away. I know you were probably there, you’re season ticket holders and you will be smarting worse than me because the better performances have been away from home this season.
    But overall our record is good.
    But also don’t forget that Hodgson has done a remarkable job for us. He should never be a hate figure and certainly doesn’t in any way warrant an F off comment.
    But PVA was flavour of the month not long ago & Schlupp could do nothing right. Even Townsend was the butt of criticism earlier this season. Makes me wonder if the fans who expect consistency from the players are any less consistent themselves.
    But let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are almost safe and are just 1 match from Wembley & 2 matches from the FA cup final.
    But let’s also recognise that we have a really good squad and are playing well even if the results aren’t consistent.
    But there will always be winners & losers – and accepting losses is as much a part of the game as craving wins.

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