Trusted Journalist Admits £50 Million Sale Of Wan-Bissaka Could Help Selhurst Rebuild

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Aaron Wan-Bissaka has joined Wilfried Zaha as one of Crystal Palace’s biggest assets since breaking into the first-team little over a year ago but with a host of super-clubs circling, Guardian journalist Dominic Fifield has hinted that the club may indeed consider selling the full-back, if the price is right. 

Whilst 99% of Palace fans will be desperate to keep hold of Wan-Bissaka for the rest of his days, the club’s planned rebuild of Selhurst Park, coupled with Aaron’s obvious value in the transfer market has left Dom feeling as though the Palace board may well sanction a move, if they feel the money on offer is simply too good to turn away. 

It should be said that Fifield hasn’t exactly sold the player or Palace short in estimating Wan-Bissaka’s cost at somewhere in the region of £50 million; a valuation that many outside the Palace bubble have been slow to catch up to. With Selhurst Park’s rebuild not coming cheap, it goes without saying that a sum that large would help finance a significant chunk of it but even so, it feels as though you’d have rather a lot of disappointed fans questioning the ambition behind the scenes simultaneously. 

We have always been told that the planned redevelopment in SE25 won’t impact the transfer budgets available to the club but as everyone has seen with the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham in recent years, stadium work will always have some form of knock-on effect later down the line. From a purely economic perspective, the prospect of receiving more than £50 million for an academy product with 13 months of professional experience sounds like a no-brainer but given Wan-Bissaka’s potential, you do wonder if the club would in fact be selling themselves short. 

In many ways, the biggest barrier over the possible sales of both Aaron and Wilfried Zaha is the emotional attachment the supporters have towards them as academy graduates. Palace fans love nothing more than homegrown talent and in this pairing, we have two of the best players ever to emerge from our youth system. 

Were we to sell both this summer, we’d probably be looking at £120 million or more coming into the club coffers but at what cost emotionally to the fans and players who remain? Running a football club really is a balancing act. 

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  • Rob March 8, 2019 - 8:08 am Reply

    If he had played against United last week I don’t think we would have been on the end of a 3-1 loss. It’s all well and good getting a bundle of cash for the player if there were others able to step up into that position but I don’t think Ward’s anywhere near as good as he was a couple of seasons ago and now our defense is looking all sewed up, selling Wan Bissaka is just a step back.

  • tzcar March 8, 2019 - 8:36 am Reply

    just stop talking about u want us scrapping down the bottom of the table,every season,no always say,s it,s about the fans,they are the club.why should palace sell.u make enough from sky.act prudently.there are many players in the championship who won,t cost a fortune that could enhance our club.if u sell your best like southampton then expect the worst.this is the time to say no and build for the future.parish say,s no impact on transfer,s with the redevelopment,well is he being honest.

  • Gordon March 8, 2019 - 9:59 am Reply

    Since Wan-Bissaka burst on to the scene, our defence has been so impressive – a well-balanced and solid unit. And behind there’s healthy competition between 2 quality keepers. With players like Dann, Kelly & Ward, who cover so competently for 1st string players when they’re injured, suspended or need to be rested (& what’s more seem happy with this role), we’ve also got strength in depth. It might be argued that if we get offered a huge sum for Wan-Bissaka then we can’t afford to say no. But our defence is the most consistently reliable part of the team and imo we can’t afford to weaken it. It’s the envy of teams not only in the bottom third, but also in the middle third of the table. Given our goal scoring problems (until recently), where would we be now if it weren’t for our defence?
    I previously floated what I thought would be a provocative thought – might this summer be the time to cash in on Wilf? If we could get £70m or more for Zaha, I think I’d prefer this to the sale of Wan-Bissaka for £50m … unless we’ve got another ready made RB coming through the academy pipeline on the quiet.

  • Mike Ward March 8, 2019 - 2:37 pm Reply

    We have to weigh these things up against the value of staying in the Premier League and also our position in the Premier League. As many have said before, if we had an in-form striker or two chipping in with a few more goals, we would be comfortably in the top half of the table this season. Does that put us within touching distance of European football?
    What additional revenues does that bring?
    Sure there’s no guarantee but if at this stage we have to sell some of our top players then that dream goes back into the far away distance.
    As it is, finishing further up the table brings us greater rewards from the Premier League but also better commercial revenues from sponsorships and other tie ins.
    It’s never a straightforward question or decision.
    I firmly believe that Steve Parish and his team genuinely want what is best for Palace – they dug us out of a very dark place at huge personal risk after all. We don’t know all the facts but I for one trust in Steve to do what is best for the club in the circumstances at the time.
    Hopefully that means keeping hold of our talented players, continuing to build and improve the squad as we have unquestionably been doing and edging our way up the Premier League table on a more consistent and regular basis.

  • ee signing March 11, 2019 - 4:34 pm Reply

    we wouldnt be the first club to have a shiny new stadium but rget relegated immediately because they sold their best players to pay for it

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