VIDEO: This Leicester Fan’s Meltdown Against Palace Is Beuatiful To See

0 Posted by - February 25, 2019 - News, Video

Any long-time reader of HLTCO will probably already be aware of my disdain for matchday vloggers, with the video attached below from Saturday’s 4-1 win away at Leicester City warming my soul. 

The trend of people taking handheld cameras to football matches and filming their every reaction so it can be put on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and just about any other social media platform appears to be gaining more and more momentum but I for one have always found the whole thing utterly cringeworthy. 

Maybe I sound like an old man but when I’m at football, the last thing I’m thinking about is filming myself on a phone. To not only do that but vocalise everything going on in front of me whilst being put through the emotional wringer just sounds like pure torture with the above footage proving that more often than not, those that do it become a source of ridicule for other fan-bases. 

Even when their teams win, those who’ve chosen to film their every emotion struggle to truly enjoy the celebrations, always a tad concerned with how it’s all coming across on camera rather than simply living in the moment. Let’s face it, that split second after a crucial goal goes in is only going to be dampened by having to focus a camera on your own face rather than letting all of your composure disappear at once, thus making the whole thing an exercise in controlled joy. 

This particular Leicester fan’s open hatred of one Wilfried Zaha just makes the video itself better from a Palace perspective, with his cry of “LOOK AT HIM!” after our second and Wilf’s first goal of the game putting a big smile on my face. That sense of frustration, coupled with the final score is a beautiful thing to relive from our side of the fence but it surely must lead the lad in question to wonder why he bothers putting himself through it game after game. 


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  • Gordon February 25, 2019 - 7:15 am Reply

    This is exactly the sort of stuff that made me ditch bragnslagBook.

  • ee signing February 25, 2019 - 8:55 am Reply

    Whole things irrational. I suppose some of ours do it too?

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