Hodgson Claims Chelsea’s Love Of Palace Was Key To Sorting Batshuayi Move

1 Posted by - February 5, 2019 - News

Roy Hodgson is understandably delighted to have Belgian international Michy Batshuayi on the books at Palace until the end of the season and has been speaking about the positive vibes between the Eagles and his parent club Chelsea will led to the deal taking place. 

It’s now common knowledge that the Blues had previously been in talks with both Tottenham and West Ham about a potential temporary switch, only for the loan fee being demanded to force both clubs to step away from the negotiating table but when the prospect of a switch to Palace was mentioned, the team from the Fulham Road significantly lowered their terms in an effort to get it over the line. 

The reasoning behind such a decision is multi-faceted, with Maurizio Sarri’s men first and foremost not directly threatened by the Eagles in terms of league position, thus lowering any chance of their own man causing them to fall out of the race for a Champions League spot; that being said, with games still to come against the likes of Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United, Michy may well provide the decisive strike against any of their direct competitors, thus helping the Chelsea cause indirectly. 

Alongside all of the different Premier League permutations, it should be said that Palace chairman Steve Parish has cultivated an extremely good relationship with the Chelsea top brass in recent years, thanks to a number of loan deals, most recently of course for a certain Ruben Loftus-Cheek. There is no denying that we as a club played a major role in elevating the midfielder to the next level, turning him from a bit-part academy graduate into a fully fledged England international, a transformation which will have been noted by those behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge when weighing up whether or not to float the idea of a short-term stint for Batshuayi in SE25. 

Just as was the case with Ruben, I expect Palace fans to be hugely disappointed this summer when a permanent stay doesn’t come to fruition for Michy but in the immediate future, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that his presence will have a major impact on our chances of top flight survival. Let’s just focus on that for the time being and see what hand we’re dealt once the campaign comes to a close. 

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  • tzcar February 5, 2019 - 9:35 am Reply

    let,s see how michy fare,s for us. i don,t agree with your point.why would he be too good for us.he,s with us cos he ain,t made it elsewhere.it,s time to build palace up.we have every chance of being a top 10 side if the player,s are right.michy will give us a touch of class.but maybe come july he might want to staymaybe he,l feel at home with us.after all m.sako a class player is relatively happy being with us.why should,nt palace aim higher.we need a more positive attitude and quality signings and yes,we can match the likes of everton,leicester.come on belive,it,s possible.

  • Mike Ward February 5, 2019 - 10:13 am Reply

    I agree with tzcar that it is possible that Palace could and should be targeting a regular top 10 finish.
    But whether or not Michy himself wants to remain at Palace beyond this loan spell is only a small part of the puzzle.
    It would need Chelsea to also want to release him, which as we saw with RLC is less likely if he has a successful spell with us.
    Then of course there is the financial implication.
    As we’ve seen time and again, a proven goal scorer in the premier league can command top dollar so again if he has a good spell with us we won’t be the only club trying to sign him IF (and it’s a big IF) Chelsea even want to let him go.
    I’m all up for positive thinking and ambition but I agree with HLTCO – we need to just enjoy Michy and hopefully the hat full of goals he’s going to score for us. If he and Benteke can form a partnership we might even see Big Ben returning to his previous form which would help us no end!

  • JC February 5, 2019 - 10:32 am Reply

    I think the loan system is having a complete overhaul from the 2020-21 season, with clubs only being allowed to loan out around 6-8 at any one time. Chelsea, as of pretty recently, have around 39 players on loan. Be interesting to see how this shapes their business model going forward. One suspects that they’ll have to cut adrift a lot more fringe talent if they can’t benefit from loaning them out anymore. However, I’m not sure that it’ll benefit us too much. The worrying thing I saw recently was that we had the 17th highest wage bill in Europe in 2017, even more worrying that the wage bill was 79% of total revenues, the 2nd highest in Europe! This would suggest a real struggle to bring in Batman whilst Benteke, Wilf and Sakho are still on the books, bearing in mind he want’s £160k a week. If RLC doesn’t come in the summer, after the shafting he’s had a Chelsea, then get’s shifted on to West Ham or Leicester or some other bullshit club, it really will be a good indicator of our pulling/financial power.

    Here’s the UEFA financial report, page 76 for anyone who’s interested. I can’t see how they get to those numbers, but hey, I didn’t put it together. https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/OfficialDocument/uefaorg/Clublicensing/02/58/98/12/2589812_DOWNLOAD.pdf

  • tzcar February 5, 2019 - 4:25 pm Reply

    i don,t see benteke being with us come the summer.michy showed us that with a more mobile cf which benteke is,nt,i feel were more threatening.working on said reports.m.sako,was interested in a move up the ladder.getting rid of benteke,he,s too cumbersome,we need a more flexible striker.and if man.city get their way.wan-bassa will go.i know this is not what we want,largely.but in the real world money talks.and as said our wage bill 79 percent.we must trim our wage budget to provide more oppotunities.

  • Gordon February 5, 2019 - 7:42 pm Reply

    You may be right about Benteke, tzcar. His contract doesn’t expire until June 2020, so we’d need to find a buyer and, given his salary, he’d have to impress during the remainder of the season. I thought he made a pretty good impression on Saturday in his first start since surgery – seeming more mobile & agile than he’s been in a long while – and his technique & athleticism for that bicycle kick were top drawer. The problem is that we probably won’t shift him if he doesn’t impress and maybe we won’t want to shift him if he does.

  • Gordon February 6, 2019 - 9:24 am Reply

    It’s probably heresy or blasphemy (or maybe both), but JC’s excellent post makes me wonder if this summer might be the right time to let Wilf go if the right deal can be struck.
    Looking at the 3 mega salaries we have on our books, I can’t see us selling Benteke without virtually giving him away. I think we need Sakho so much we couldn’t let him go. But Zaha is highly sought after and (despite the talisman tag he’s acquired) I’m beginning to think we don’t rely on him as much as we used to. Teams can’t contain us by simply doubling or trebling up on Wilf. If ever we were a one-man team, I don’t think we are any more.
    It’s early days, but I like the look of Batshuayi. We also know the creative ability of Loftus-Cheek. Neither has found a place in Chelsea’s first team so could there be scope for a deal? If we accept that we’ll sell Wilf at some stage it’s surely best to do it while his market value is at or near its peak. This summer might be the best time. Leave it a couple of years and it might be too late.

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