A Selection Of Terrifying Stats 15 Games In To Palace’s Dreary Season

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Yesterday evening saw Crystal Palace fall to a 3-1 defeat at the hands of bitter rivals Brighton & Hove Albion and despite the Eagles still sitting outside the bottom three, things really are starting to look bleak for Roy Hodgson and his players. 

Whilst we’ve all seen the team put in some genuinely impressive performances this season, there are a selection of statistics which highlight the severity of the problems facing us as Christmas approaches. As things stand, having played 15 Premier League fixtures, we’ve managed just three victories, against sides current placed in 17th, 19th and 20th in the division. 

Alongside that rather alarming realisation, it’s clear that this side has a distinct lack of attacking potency within its ranks; a view backed up by the fact that we’ve found the net a measly 11 times over the course of those 15 ties since August. Indeed, only struggling Huddersfield have scored fewer goals than us this term, with a squad nowhere near as blessed with individual attacking talent as ours. 

At home, last Saturday’s 2-0 victory over a truly dismal Burnley team aside, we have failed to find the back of the net once from open play all season long and only managed to do so against Sean Dyche and co. courtesy of a cross and a long-rage thunderbolt from Andros Townsend, rather than any of the 25 plus other attempts we had at Joe Hart’s goal. 

Some may talk about Christian Benteke’s long-term absence as a key reason for our feeble goal return but no club in their fifth consecutive Premier League season should lean so heavily on one man for goals, especially when the player in question struggled so badly for form throughout the entirety of the previous campaign. 

With three of the 11 goals we have scored coming from the penalty spot, it leaves us having amassed a grand total of 8 open play strikes in in 1,350 minutes of Premier League football since August, which works out at a goal every 169 minutes. You don’t need me to tell you that these sorts of numbers are unacceptable, it’s obvious to each and every person who comes across them, the question now is, what can we do to bring about a change?

The biggest frustration with this current group of players is the obvious potential they have when everything clicks into place. This isn’t a squad who should be scraping around at the foot of the table, wondering tentatively where their next goal is coming from but with the campaign nearly half-way through, there is no point hiding away from the reality of our predicament. Would the addition of a proven goal-scorer help in January? Of course it would. Are we likely to find that man over the course of the transfer window? Previous experience would suggest not. 

Whilst the statistical trend of “Expected Goals” may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the picture it paints for Palace is a hugely frustrating one. According to the table provided by www.understat.com, we should have scored 18 times this term, rather than the paltry 11 we find ourselves with; the biggest disparity of any team in the league at the time of writing. Alongside that, our “Expected Points” sees us all the way up in the heady heights of 11th, seven points better off than we currently find ourselves and second only to Wolves in terms of the biggest negative disparity with reality across all 20 top flight teams. 

There is definitely a sense of Groundhog Day about this whole scenario from a Palace point of view, leaving me sat here at 6:14 on Wednesday morning none the wiser as to where we go from this point on despite having devoted a few hundred words to the subject. 

Answers on a postcard anyone? 

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  • Geone December 5, 2018 - 8:26 am Reply

    Yeps you summed it ip about right..!

  • Mike Ward December 5, 2018 - 9:08 am Reply

    There are no positives from this but consolation from me is that I genuinely believe that the players, coaching staff and RH will be absolutely gutted by their display last night.
    Whether it was fatigue, or just “a bad night” or whatever the reason, they will be truly gutted.
    The question then is what they do with that?
    RH has talked about the squad having confidence, so if that is the case we should expect to see them burning with desire to put on a display to show that Brighton was a one off and that they are better than that.
    It’s time to show, as a squad, what we’re made of.

  • tzcar December 5, 2018 - 9:11 am Reply

    at last admin your starting to question things,that have been obvious for ages.sorry to say we need a new style of manger,who will rip this side apart.last 3 years these players promise much,deliver little.don,t care about potential,only results.there is time,but not much.these pathetic excuse for players have consistantly let this club down.with the exception of meyer/kouyate.the characters not right.wilf flitters in and out of games.the management just arn,t getting the best out of this squad.the fan,s are now talkij=ing openly about roy and his performances.i can see by christmas,they will loudly voice their opinion.we need drastic action,this club needs a major overhaul or we,l be playing brentford,bristol c.next season.

  • Jose Fonte, baby? Jose Fonte, oh, oh, oh December 5, 2018 - 10:57 am Reply

    Those stats are damming. I really think the problem lies with Parrish and the board, yes they saved the club but what really has been the plan since then?

    Promotion season:
    – Dougie built a fantastic squad on a pittance and got it to the summit of the league then left after seemingly not being given the money promised at Bolton.
    – Replaced with Holloway who nearly cocked up the whole thing and went up in a nervy but thrilling play-off campaign.

    First season in BPL:
    – Holloway assembles a squad of absolute ragtags, many of whom are useless (Marange, Kebe, Hunt, Grandin etc.)
    – Look doomed until Pulis comes in and steadies the ship
    – Iain Moody also comes in and we sign Hennessey, Dann, Ledley and Ince for a pittance. Probably the only “good” window we have.

    Every season since:
    – Eating through managers who vary in style and preferred players
    – Managers also seem to fall out with the board over transfer (Allerdyce, Pulis, De Boer) resulting in the direct resignation of the two former
    – Signings are left to the last minute resulting in a deals collapsing (Ronnow, Amadou, Tosun, Dendoncker) or paying way over the odds (Benteke, Sakho, Schlupp). There is also no value in signings meaning transfer market becomes a black hole for finance.
    – Injuries seem to ravage the squad. Either we aren’t doing our due diligence and are signing crocks or the medical department can’t keep people fit.

    The club has now exhausted the list of relegation firefighters and we are rapidly becoming more like Swansea, Sunderland, Villa etc. of flirting with the drop for so many years that relegation will feel like a comfort to end the misery.

    Would be happy to go with a complete new approach that is reliant on good scouting, proper coaching of players and giving youngsters a chance. This would help generate finance through player sales.

    AWB and Zaha our the clubs best and most valuable players, they also cost nothing to buy (Zaha was then repurchased admittedly). There is a good crop of players in the u23s and u18s (Kirby, Daly, Flannigan, Woods, Tavares, McGregor, Hungbo, Street, Robertson etc. etc.) why not give some a proper chance?

    The overriding theme is that there is no plan or strategy at senior level. Until there is the club will be a malfunctioning basket case.

    Also if RH does go, who do we get in? Can see the board going for someone like Hughes or Tim Sherwood to keep the PFM firefighter theme going.

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