QUOTES: Hodgson Offers No Hope Of Positive Changes To The Squad In January

1 Posted by - December 5, 2018 - News

Speaking after Tuesday night’s humbling loss to 10-man Brighton, Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson told the press that he expects very little to change in January, despite calls from fans for attacking reinforcements in the transfer market. 

The 71-year-old has cut an increasingly battle-weary figure between August and December, leaving me with no choice but to feel that he’s growing tired of the daily grind attached to the day-to-day challenges associated with managing the football club. For all our eye-catching build-up play, goals have been in short supply all season long and rather than put a positive spin on things when addressing the media last night, the gaffer merely chose to prepare the Palace faithful for more of the same in the New Year. 

We all know that Christian Benteke is on the comeback trail but with a season-long barren run just behind him, you can forgive vast swathes of the Palace faithful for not expecting too much upon his return to action. Factor in the seemingly never-ending quest to bring Connor Wickham back to full fitness, the gradual realisation that Alexander Sørloth isn’t cut out for the Premier League and the sight of Jordan Ayew looking nothing like the finisher we thought we were getting when he arrived from Swansea and it’s clear to see that the fan-base need someone new to get enthused about.  

There is every chance that Hodgson’s comments are merely damage limitation given the knowledge that there’s next to no money in the pot for signings this January, leaving him taking the majority of the stick when he can do little about the state of the club’s coffers. It’s that grim realisation which leads me to wonder how and indeed if we’ll manage to avoid the drop for a fifth time, having diced with death at one stage or another in every season since our promotion to the top flight back in 2014. 

If Premier League football is a game of Poker, it feels as though we’re currently fiddling with our last few chips in the hope of a dramatic change in fortune before it’s all too late; quite where we expect that shift to come from I’m not sure but at this stage, I as a supporter am left with no choice but to cross my fingers and pray that we haven’t blown our chances already. 

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  • tzcar December 5, 2018 - 9:02 am Reply

    finally admin see,s what ive been saying for months.for all the best will in the world,roy is being found out.there are big mummering,s amongst the fans.they arn,t stupid.i said back in august this will be roy,s last year,some how i feel he won,t complete it.to be in charge of that pathetic performance tell,s me the players are not pulling their weight.im sorry to say we need a more dynamic man to buck these lethargic player,s into earning their money.unfortuantly many of the fan,s are saying the same.

  • Gordon December 5, 2018 - 7:49 pm Reply

    Let’s judge the performances rather than the results. It’s all too easy to be ecstatic when we win and devastated when we lose. But, whilst admittedly this was not the best of our recent performances, last night was at least decent. The match stats and the 30 minute highlights on Sky show imo that we played the better football, were the better team and were unfortunate to lose.
    Why did we lose? The easy answer might be that one team had some decent strikers and the other didn’t. That would, though, be to ignore our Friend’s appauling misjudgement for the penalty awarded against us, and 2 defensive lapses by Tomkin – which suggested to me that our usually dependable CB was carrying an injury.
    No, my view is that we did OK, but were beaten more by luck than by merit.
    And don’t knock our manager. He’s neither failing, nor out of his depth. I’ll accept that he is suffering – as well he might given the lack of reward for our good performances.
    Nil desperandum auspice Roy.

  • tzcar December 6, 2018 - 8:10 am Reply

    gordon i feel your in dream land.wether u like it or not.facts don,t lie.9 defeats in 15 .this is just awfull.if u speak to the fan,s MANY now belive roy looks tired and cannot raise his game,this team are not performing,and there,s an air of gloom around the place.fan,s arn,t stupid.as for the match brighton were superior on the night.palace showed no fight.brighton totally dominated midfield,this pressured our defence which folded.consideru=ing what houghton has done on a limited budget,u can see the progress.palace are a shambles,im not interested in pretty dispay,s.this won,t keep us in the prem.brighton are progressing,and us we,ve stagnated.this does not paint a pretty picture.i wonder if your still being so enlightened come march,and this lot have us struggling in the bottom 4.

  • Gordon December 6, 2018 - 7:25 pm Reply

    Will always respect your right to your opinions ,tzcar. I recognise good football when I see it. Good football doesn’t always produce results. From what I saw on the tv highlights and heard live on Radio London, we were the better team and did not deserve to lose. I can’t help it if fans are panicking because the results aren’t as good as they should be, but I’ll continue to back RH to keep us playing well and over time we’ll get the points we need. As you were enthusing after the Burnley game, Max Meyer is a great talent and his link-up play is as good as, if not better, than Cabaye’s. He’s also much younger and more dynamic. Wilf is not our only danger man. Townsend, Meyer, van Aanholt, Kouyate, MacArthur, Milivojevic are all combining well to create chances patiently. The minute we get desperate and resort to unsophisticated long ball tactics is the minute we are doomed.
    Stay calm. Be patient. We will survive.
    And, no, I’m not in dreamland. Maybe you’re in nightmare land.

  • tzcar December 7, 2018 - 8:58 am Reply

    again your not facing realism to insult the fans who go to every game as panicers is an insult.u kbnow as well as do i fans are not stupid.i merely reflect their voice,and i live in the real world.your pretty football will get us relegated.roy looks tired unable to get us out of the mire,the fans express this view as do comentators.to see 20 mins highlight is not a true representation of the brighton match.palace were bullied.as i said,rthey were on the backfoot throughout the game..i shot on target.the penalty 81 mins.does that really tell u palace dominated.

  • Gordon December 10, 2018 - 9:07 pm Reply

    I’m not insulting anybody, tzcar. Nor am I unrealistic. I can’t help it if my positive outlook clashes with your negativity.

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