Ghana Star Withdraws From The Squad To Get Away From The Ayew Brothers

2 Posted by - November 14, 2018 - News

Inter Milan’s Ghanaian International Kwadwo Asamoah has voluntarily withdrawn from the squad following the recent recall of the Ayew brothers Jordan and Andre, thanks to advice from his pastor. 

According to this report from, the Ayew’s are seen as a hugely powerful presence within the Ghana set-up and as such, have been known to get away with all manner of things whilst playing for their country. Asamoah himself is believed to have become unhappy with he discovered that the pair had sprinkled some mysterious white powder on the pitch prior to the AFCON quarter-final against Congo in January of last year; a game in which the brothers managed to bag a goal apiece in a 2-1 win for Ghana. 

Sources suggest that the mere appearance of the duo has spooked Kwadwo and as such, he’s decided to withdraw for fear of having his progress “stunted further” in the weeks and months to come. As a result, Ghana will be forced to take on Ethiopia in an AFCON qualifier without him, leaving me to wonder just how disruptive the Ayew’s are towards a team dynamic on a day-to-day basis. 

There will be plenty who laugh off Asamoah’s superstitions and beliefs but after hearing a host of bad stories relating to Jordan Ayew specifically, you do start to wonder whether or not it’s worth keeping the on-loan Swansea man at the club beyond January. 

Last weekend saw Jordan come in for pelters from Palace teammates and supporters alike after he failed to make any attempt to head the ball clear immediately before Tottenham’s Juan Foyth pounced to stab home the eventual winner and after a run up front which has brought next to no cutting edge, the patience of our fan-base has inevitably worn thin. 

This story is one of the most bizarre that I’ve ever covered on HLTCO but at its core, there is just another sign-post to suggest that we’ll probably be better off without Jordan in the long run. 

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  • Mark Johnson November 14, 2018 - 7:50 am Reply

    He wants to sprinkle some of the White stuff on the Palace pitch 😂

    Up the Palace 🦅

  • Eric The Ninja November 14, 2018 - 1:23 pm Reply

    I’m with Mark, bring your African magic to Selhurst. If it works, get a club shaman.

  • ee signing November 15, 2018 - 5:07 pm Reply

    Good grief. If he were capable of owhat this fellow suggests you might think him capable of scoring the odd goal but he has been appalling all season

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