Hodgson Gives Big Injury Update On Zaha & Tomkins Ahead Of Man United Trip

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Roy Hodgson was left feeling hugely frustrated yet again following Crystal Palace’s 1-0 defeat at home to Tottenham and alongside his analysis of the game itself, he was forced to give injury updates on first-team stars James Tomkins and Wilfried Zaha. 

Having started the game in his usual, confident fashion, it was horrible to see Tomkins pick up a nasty knock to his knee in the latter stages of the first-half. When it first happened, it looked for all the world as though he’d be leaving the field straight away but to his credit, he battled on, coming out for the first few minutes of the second period before finally being replaced by Martin Kelly mere minutes before Spurs scored their eventual winner. 

In Zaha’s case, his has been an injury that Hodgson and his coaching staff were keen to keep under wraps in the build-up to the game, for fear of Tottenham altering their game-plan as a result. As is always the case with Wilf, he was desperate not to be ruled out of contention until the last minute but it was always felt that he would struggle to play a part against the Champions League chasing visitors. 

Thankfully for all concerned, we now have a two-week gap until our trip to take on Mourinho’s Manchester United at Old Trafford, giving both Tomkins and Zaha plenty of time in which to ready themselves for what is sure to be another mammoth test. The fixture represents the last in what has been a horrific run of games for Roy Hodgson and his players, starting with Everton away, before taking on Arsenal at Selhurst, Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and Tottenham at home last weekend. 

We all knew when the fixture list came out that this little run would be extremely tough but having dropped so many winnable points in the games beforehand, the narrow nature of our defeats in recent weeks has stung more than ever. The four games following our trip to Manchester see us facing Burnley, Brighton, West Ham and Leicester in succession which should offer some respite but for Roy Hodgson, the pressure will be on to ensure that points are picked up during that spell; if not we risk being cut adrift at the bottom.  

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  • tzcar November 12, 2018 - 8:33 am Reply

    sorry i really do not agree.we are in this mess not just because of facing top five.did,nt we lose to wolves,bournemouth,and southampton for heavens sake.and fail to beat newcastle.we are in the mire despite plenty of spirit and a reasonably stout defence.the midfield offers little.has no pace.does not support the strikers.and apart from some wilf majic,nothing up front.whatever majic roy produced last year has clearly gone.we are in deep trouble.something has to change,and no we can,t just hang on till january.everybody at the bottom has caught us up,and we show no sign,s of getting results.i don,t know what they can do,but thing,s don,t look great.

  • David King November 12, 2018 - 6:53 pm Reply

    Nail on head is not the current of games but being unable to score or beat real rubbish teams. Southampton – really. Ok Newcastle came to waste 99 mins and succeeded. Wolves how crap were they. Everyone says we’re too good to go down given how we play against the big teams.They don’t see how shit we are normally.

  • Gordon November 12, 2018 - 7:39 pm Reply

    I agree, tzcar & David, the points we should have won were before this recent difficult run. But in the previous games please point out to me more than 3 bad (hopeless as tz would say or sh1t as David has said) performances from our team. Who can deny that we’ve been playing some good stuff without getting the points we deserve? Everyone points to the strength of our defence & the lack of a goal scoring forward – and I agree. But we’ve lost too many points through basic defensive mistakes.
    Some journalists wait for the final score before giving their verdict on the performance. I wonder if fans do too. The Arsenal result sparked some positivity (including from you tz). Whilst I was also relieved we got a point and thought we could/should have got more, I wasn’t ecstatic. Yes we won a point, but we’d played just as well if not better previously without earning the points we deserved.
    We have 8 PL games before the end of the year. I’m anticipating we’ll pick up 12 or more points in that period. Our performances deserve it.
    And should we be rubbishing our squad (which is better than a year ago and light years better than 2 or 3 years ago)? or talking about ditching Roy (who’s the best manager we’ve had in years)? Certainly not in my opinion.
    Yes, we’ve slipped perilously close to the relegation positions. But keep the faith. I’m not going to say we are too good to go down, but I will say that our performances to date don’t merit relegation.

  • tzcar November 13, 2018 - 9:11 am Reply

    sorry gordon i don,t agree.im a fact,s man,performances like this will get us in the bottom 4 all season.i don,t care how they play,i belive in results.and they ain,t coming.i personally never advocated roy,s demise.i just said what ever he did last season is not working.i see no-way out of this proble.i don,t blame roy.as always i look to the player,s,who arn,t giving.example.are brighton a better squad are bournemouth really that much better.i don,t know what but something more than a given goalscorer is missing.i go back to parish and the yanks.like southampton did,nt spend,and where,s southampton.god know,s how we get out of this mess/

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