VIDEO: Arsenal Fan DT Makes Fool Out Of Himself For 4,589th Time In 2018

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The internet continues to become a more integral part of everyday life with each year that passes and whilst society as a whole has benefited hugely from its growth in the last few decades, we do also have to live with the fact this it has made a worrying number of stupid people famous. Arsenal fan and “YouTube personality” Mr DT is one of those people.

Whether it’s battle-rapping, pushing referees over or happily hobnobbing and posing for photos with Arsene Wenger after spending years ripping into him for financial gain, the bloke has been readily making a fool out of himself for years and appears to show no desire to slow down the runaway train of embarrassment just yet.

Sunday afternoon saw Arsenal battle out a spirited 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, with the late decision to award the hosts a penalty after a foul on Wilfried Zaha from Granit Xhaka sending the Luton-based outrage-machine into overdrive. As expected, he located Arsenal Fan TV host Robbie outside the ground and lost his planet-sized head in spectacular fashion, all whilst Xhaka (the man who actually gave away the spot-kick) was admitting on camera that it was a “clear penalty”.

You could argue that I shouldn’t be giving people like DT the time of day but when his comments and videos are being shared so widely, it seems a tad silly to sit back and say nothing, for fear of inflating his already gigantic ego further and allowing him to feel as though his childish rants represent anything close to reasoned analysis.

Fan TV channels thrive on controversy; that much has been clear since they began but in DT, Arsenal fans have been lumbered with an over-sized child screaming foolishness into a camera from week to week which has seen thousands tarred with the same brush. Was there a handball a split-second before Arsenal’s second goal? Not according to DT, it was a natural reaction from Lacazette which rightly went unpunished. The man is an idiot and always has been; it’s just a shame that society has decided to financially reward him for it.

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