VIDEO: The Depressing Difference Between Selhurst With & Without The HF

2 Posted by - September 3, 2018 - News, Video

Saturday afternoon saw Crystal Palace play their second home game without the presence of the Holmesdale Fanatics inside the stadium and it’s fair to say, their absence was felt by every single supporter in attendance.

Whilst our opening home game of the campaign against Liverpool saw some noise being generated across the ground, our 2-0 loss to Southampton last weekend had a feeling of flatness about it from the very start, leading fans in their thousands to fret over our potential future without the noise and backing that we’ve become accustomed to with the Fanatics.

There have been some who’ve tried to play down the impact that their disappearance from the stands will have on our general noise levels but against the Saints on Saturday, the proof was there for all to see. Unfortunately, it’s easy for people to grow used to having something good in place without any true realisation of the effort that goes into such an endeavour, leading to the syncronised, ever-lasting vocal support they offered being replaced by sporadic chants started by one individual at a time.

The latter model of football fandom is what grounds across the country see from game to game but at Selhurst, the Holmesdale Fanatics had carved out a niche which truly set us apart from the rest of the country in terms of noise, colour and support for the players wearing red and blue.

The club’s official statement published on Sunday evening may have been written in attempt to clear up the matter but in truth, it’s just left the fan-base with more questions and no answers. I know I’m not alone in being desperate to see this matter resolved quickly and amicably but for now, we as supporters are waiting for a shard of light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Neil Ogilvie September 3, 2018 - 6:22 am Reply

    Well said HLTCO. Hope that Steve Parish can get around the table with HF in September to iron out a resolution which gives us HF back at Selhurst as a key component of our previously unique and special Selhurst Matchday atmosphere. The irony is that we are excited at the plans to improve our Stadium but to do so without HF there would be a huge Own Goal for our Club

  • Beverley Moore September 3, 2018 - 7:47 am Reply

    Yes the whole matter has been handled poorly by both the club and the HF. The atmosphere is lacking and that is affecting the team I believe. Perhaps the club promised the relocation to block E before thinking it through and subsequently realised it was a much bigger operation than they realised so changed their mind which I understand would be disappointing for the HF. However, I also feel that the HF should also respect the fact that they are not the only supporters of the club, they may be more vocal but we all do our bit. Let’s face it 100 people alone would not be heard, they need the rest of us to join in to make that noise. So if agreement couldn’t be reached this season they should have carried on from Block B and worked towards a solution whilst continuing to lead the rest of us in supporting the team.

  • Eric The Ninja September 3, 2018 - 4:10 pm Reply

    Yep, very strange to be missing the HFs. While I agree with their aims, staying home is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Fans should have been able to sort this out among themselves.

  • Rob September 4, 2018 - 7:32 am Reply

    They should of stayed put supporting their team until the new stand was built then had the pick of where they wanted to sit. Instead of cutting their noses off to spite their face and staying away.

    It’s absurd what’s happened.

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