An Interesting Article On The Unlikely Marriage Between Palace & Max Meyer

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The deal which saw Max Meyer join Crystal Palace after leaving Schalke was looked upon by many as one of the most intriguing of the summer transfer window but after falling out with the German club’s top brass, does the midfielder have what it takes to shine in the Premier League?

Once looked upon as one of Germany’s brightest young talents, the 22-year-old’s recent wranglings with the Schalke board left many of Europe’s top clubs with too many doubts to take a punt on him, clearing a path for Palace to approach him with a lucrative contract offer and the promise of playing regular football in the continent’s most widely-watched division.

There are plenty of cynics who will suggest that Meyer has chosen financial security over a shot at glory but given his age, there is still plenty of room for growth as both a player and a person. Should he impress in red and blue, (the early signs suggest he’s more than capable of doing exactly that) then he’ll surely have a queue of admirers fluttering their eyelashes at him in the transfer windows to come. Would he still be seen as foolish by the masses if a year or two in SE25 leads to a deal with Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United? I’d suggest the complete opposite.

For now, he seems happy to be playing his football under Roy Hodgson, with Sunday’s appearance from the bench giving the Eagles faithful an enticing glimpse of what he’ll bring to the side from now on. Providing a flicked pass around the corner to put Wilfried Zaha in on goal late in the day, Meyer showed the watching world that his football intelligence continues to burn bright, whilst his enthusiastic lunge on Étienne Capoue gave a taste for the aggressive edge that he possesses.

Max could quickly become a cult hero at Selhurst Park, regardless of the patchy reputation he’s built for himself in the Bundesliga.


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