VIDEO: This John Bostock Interview Is A Genuinely Fantastic Watch

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John Bostock is a name that Palace fans the world over have been aware of for more than a decade already, despite the fact that he only made 5 appearances for the Eagles first-team.

At 15, the central midfielder was a boy with the world at his feet, coveted by clubs across Europe (including the mighty Barcelona) many viewed him as the next big thing in English football but in the summer of 2008, a highly controversial move to Tottenham sent him into a downward spiral both professionally and emotionally.

Whilst there has always been a tangible sense of bitterness towards Bostock from the Palace faithful over the manner of his departure, the above interview does go a long way towards explaining and to a large extent repairing the damage that was done by his move across London. As John himself says, he was just a kid at the time, having life-changing decisions made by everyone but him. Does he regret it? Undoubtedly. Should we still hold a grudge against him or his family for choices that were made 10 years ago? Not in my mind.

As was always likely to be the case with an interview like this, a great deal of context has been added to the decisions which were taken at key points throughout the saga, with one particular anecdote about a man who was “close” to Neil Warnock at the time (Keith Curle?) highlighting why John and his family perhaps felt it was best to get away from Selhurst as a matter of urgency.

Now rebuilding his career apace in France, I find it incredibly difficult to feel anything other than respect for the manner in which Bostock conducts himself, with the shots of him taken revisiting the Arthur Wait stand for the first time since leaving the club enough to soften even his harshest of critics.

You get the impression that, were an opportunity to arise for him to return to SE25 as a player, he’d grab it with both hands, such is his obvious love for the club. It’s easy to paint him as a pantomime villain but in truth, his career trajectory has probably helped us keep hold of our brightest talents for longer ever since.

It was pleasing that, following the interview being filmed, Bostock signed for Toulouse, who now have a pre-season friendly scheduled against Palace at Selhurst in early August. Hopefully, he’s given a decent reception by those in attendance if he does play, it would feel only right for him to be welcomed back after the poignancy of show in the footage attached above.

They say time is the greatest of healers and in this particular instance, I’m inclined to agree.

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  • Rhys Jones July 9, 2018 - 6:58 am Reply

    I watched that interview yesterday and it was really impressive.

    His attitude was spot on. The inner strength and character he has shown by being the man he is right now was very compelling. Hearing from his side, with honesty & with no bitterness was amazing. His love for the club & the area shone through. I also think you are right, I do feel his situation has helped us keep hold of players since. I also thought he would jump at the chance to come back, such was his affection for the club.

    If you watch the video and still cant forgive him (a 15yr old boy at the time) or at least move on from it, that would be a shame.

    I hope it draws a line under the incident and he does get a good reception at the friendly.

  • Mike Ward July 9, 2018 - 11:56 am Reply

    It is an inspiring video. What a humble, honest man.

    I also agree with the comment from Rhys Jones – I honestly believe Palace fans are decent enough to acknowledge his honesty and his journey and welcome him back with open arms.

    Imagine the impact and influence his experiences could have on the squad and the younger members in particular.
    Let alone the potential on the pitch.

    He shares a passion for the club and is clearly a very talented player who just wants to play.
    I truly hope he finds his way back home and earns a rousing reception from the club and supporters he clearly loves.

    Good luck John. Hope to see you in a Palace shirt again one day soon!

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