REPORT: Hodgson Offered New Deal But He Won’t Have Much To Spend On Transfers

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According to a report in The Times, Roy Hodgson has been offered a 12-month extension on his current Crystal Palace contract that would take him up to 2020.

Having stepped into the shoes of Frank de Boer following the Dutchman’s disastrous short stint with the Eagles, Hodgson managed to turn a seven-game run without a goal or a point into an 11th placed finish, going a long way towards repairing his reputation following the bitter way things ended for him whilst in charge of England.

The boss is said to be relaxed about the contract offer that has been put on the table, given the fact that he doesn’t hold any ambitions of moving elsewhere at this stage of his career, although obviously the increase on his current salary will come as a much appreciated bonus for the fantastic job he’s done at Selhurst Park to date.

Given the club’s rapid turnover of managers in recent seasons, it stands to reason that they would now be looking to promote a feeling of stability for both the supporters and players alike, with a full Premier League campaign under Hodgson’s guidance hopefully allowing us to stay clear of any real relegation worries from the outset.

Whilst fans are always keen to see new recruits coming in over the course of pre-season, the same report does go on to mention a potentially tricky transfer window for the men in red and blue, given the size of their current wage bill. Admittedly, Premier League money has taken us to a comfortable financial position but after three or four years of heavy spending, the suggestion is that the club will have to sell in order to buy for the most part this summer.

When you consider that the likes of Sakho, Benteke, Cabaye and Zaha have all been taking home close to or in excess of £100,000 a week, it’s not difficult to see why a degree of belt tightening will have to take place and whilst no fan would begrudge Sakho or Wilf that sum of money, the reduced terms Yohan has been offered, coupled with our apparent willingness to entertain offers for Benteke, shines a light on the change in approach being adopted behind the scenes during the current transfer window.

Thankfully, in Roy Hodgson we have a man who has proven that the current crop of players are more than good enough to thrive in the Premier League, leaving me hoping that we are able to replace any players we do let go with something even better.

It’s come as a bit of a shock to many Palace fans after a few years of free spending but without the commercial revenue streams that so many of our direct competitors enjoy, we’re being forced to cut back appropriately.

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  • terence carter June 28, 2018 - 7:13 am Reply

    with this in mind.knowing their restricted budget.why oh why didn,t parish/freedman home in on the few players we assume they can afford.u have to show wilf,we want to progress.otherwise he could easily say to himself,im playing out of my skin,but the others arn,t good enough,i,ll go elsewhere.simply put.the players palace have at the moment,for me points to a hard fought fight against relegation.the team as it stands is not big enough,or good enough.dispite the excellent hodgson.

  • Gordon June 28, 2018 - 9:08 am Reply

    The 2 biggest issues for me are if we can offload Benteke and if we can get Loftus-Cheek on loan for another year. Whilst these are unknown it must be difficult to make any firm plans. Hodgson will no doubt be looking at getting the best out of what we’ve already got. I thought Sorloth looked promising and I hope Hodgson can make something of him. I’d also like to see another academy graduate – or maybe 2 – being introduced to the first team squad.
    Hodgson developed a really good team spirit last season, but I agree that Wilf won’t be likely to want to stay beyond next season if he’s the only real talent in the team. Loftus-Cheek will be a huge miss if he’s not available to us so I hope that Parish, Freedman & Hodgson have some attacking midfielders in their sights to provide the creativity we’d lose without him.

  • Ben June 28, 2018 - 9:45 am Reply

    I wouldn’t be to worried if we didn’t add to many players in this window. Most of the pundits and most palace fans agreed last season that the squad we had were to good to be relegated. I can’t see how that has changed much. RH instilled a great spirit in the squad and imagine if we had taken 5 of 7 points from the first few games, there certainly wouldn’t be any need to have the panic we had. Yes, another loan for Loftus-Cheek would be a perfect world as he would be a loss to the squad but a season without the terrible injury run would also make us relatively safe in terms of the season. Maybe get a couple in but certainly no need for big changes.

  • Rhys Jones June 28, 2018 - 9:53 am Reply

    Sorry to be the negative one but this looks like a typical set play from the Palace hierarchy.

    From the things I am hearing on the old rumour mill & having seen how clubs go about things, I would say the biggest give away to what we are going to do is the “sell to buy” line.

    We have 1 good asset, Wilf. We have a team that needs strengthening in many areas but have no real money to finance that.

    Do you rely on 1 player to keep us up again and hope he doesn’t get injured or do you sell to build a stronger over all squad at the expense of star quality? We are Palace and I think they are just paving the way by letting us know early there isn’t any money. We have a pragmatist in Roy (who I think is great) so my hunch is we’ll be cashing in.

    You let the dust from last season settle and work in the background during the world cup to get people in place, pleading poverty. Antonio will come in and at some point, possibly after we make a couple of other moderate signings, Wilf will be gone, most likely playing in blue with RLC next season once they get a new manager in place.

    Whilst I would love Wilf to stay, to get RLC back, restructure the squad & have a push for silverware/Europa league with good players, I think the tax issues, the stadium redevelopment & the money spent over the last few seasons means they are now going to try to consolidate premiership status & balance the books for a year or two. I dont know what our financial status is but having seen us get into trouble twice in the past, I never want us to put ourselves in that position again, even if that means selling Wilf.

    If we do go down this route, then I just hope that some of the younger players get their chance to break through and give the fans something to identify with again.

    Having said all that & depressed myself somewhat, I’d trust Roy with a good preseason, a few new faces, a loanee or two and a sprinkling of academy players to get the job done.

  • Wiseoldowl June 28, 2018 - 3:14 pm Reply

    Keep the faith! Our squad, when mostly fit, proved a comfortable PL side under Roy last year. We’ve lashed out our fair share of cash on transfers and wages over recent years, so little wonder some belt tightening is due. Alas RLC won’t be coming back, and he will be difficult to replace, but if you honestly think the management aren’t trying to find players you’re so far off the mark. Along with every other club they’re definitely scouring the market, which is a complex task, with many outside influencing factors and variables.

  • terence carter June 29, 2018 - 7:05 am Reply

    wiseowl your to resonable.i don,t want to hear searching the market its crap.what is the point of freedman?good teams identify before season,s end whom they would like.parish,s transfer policy history shows.dither,dither,dither.then at the last moment panic.this is not the way to run a premiership club.

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