Palace Set To Make Their Move For Turkish International Midfielder

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Those of you with good memories will no doubt remember Ozan Tufan, the Fenerbache midfielder who nearly joined Palace on Deadline Day back in January; well now, it seems as though the Eagles are set to finally make their move for the 23-year-old.

Given the madcap nature of our last-minute dealings back at the start of 2018, (remember Ibrahim Aamadou making it all the way to Palace’s Soho offices only for a deal to fall through?) it came as no surprise to learn that Palace left Tufan hanging at the airport with hours to spare before sending a message telling him that they’d be in contact with him again during the summer.

Thankfully for Ozan, it sounds as though the club have been true to their word and are now keen on ironing out a deal with Fenerbache, who have had the midfielder in their reserves ever since his move to the UK fell through. Despite paying Bursaspor £6 million for him back in 2015, the above report suggests that they would now be willing to accept as little as £2.5 million for him, making it a relatively low risk deal for a Palace side who are scouring the market for players who will add a little muscle to our options below the starting XI.

Whilst some alarm bells may be ringing in supporters minds as a consequence of his struggles with Fenerbache, Tufan’s international pedigree, (he has more than 30 full caps for Turkey) coupled with his age (23) suggest that it may just be a case of him being the wrong fit for the Istanbul outfit.

Standing at 6’0 and capable of playing in both defence and midfield, he is exactly the sort of low-risk signing you would expect Palace to be looking at between now and the start of the 2018/19 campaign. We’ve always had a rather good strike-rate when it comes to polishing up rough diamonds, perhaps Ozan could be the next in line.

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  • terence carter June 22, 2018 - 8:16 am Reply

    here u go again,dreaming.unknown quantity why oh why don,t they go for players u know will fit into the risks i said yesterday.parish/freedman had months before seasons end to pinpoint seems to me parish and co,put names in a hat,have a few drinks,then pull a name out.absolute crap,as always in the transfer market.

    • Jose Fonte, baby? Jose Fonte, oh, oh, oh June 22, 2018 - 3:03 pm Reply

      I think they leak names to make actual targets think we have other options and thus lower wage/signing fee demands. This is a stupid tactic because it puts the actual targets off as they don’t feel wanted and also allows other clubs time to make a better offer and steal the deal.

      I noticed Ronnow ended up signing for a Frankfurt for £3m, why we couldn’t get a deal done for that fee is beyond me. I know we have Guatia but would still be nice to have a back-up in case he doesn’t settle due to the Inter/Athleti rumours.

      Did Liverpool link themselves with Jorginho or Witsel just to make Fabinho lower his wage demand by a few thousand a week? No, they got the deal done quickly and stopped Athleti stealing the player.

      Board needs to learn from the previous 4/5 seasons and be decisive.

  • Ben June 22, 2018 - 9:38 am Reply

    Love the sound of this one. As you said, Palace have a history of getting players most of us have never heard of and then they become great assets to us.Sorry Terence carter, totally disagree with you on this one. With the difficulties of getting deals over the line I would imagine that DF and SP and RH have a list of options knowing they might only get one or two of them over the line. Very few people had heard of Milo before he came to us and look at him now. It was the same with Jedinak at the time as well. I for one hope they get this one over the line.

    • Jose Fonte, baby? Jose Fonte, oh, oh, oh June 22, 2018 - 3:31 pm Reply

      For every success there is a flop though: Jose Campana, Florin Marange, Jaroslaw Jach, Erdal Rakip and Antonio Pedroza to name a few obscure failures. Pre Parish you could add Sandor Torghelle, Ivan Kaviedes, Anthony Danze and Cedric Berthilan

  • Graham Johnson June 22, 2018 - 9:58 am Reply

    The problem is that proven premiership players have multi-million pounds transfer fees & wages attached to them. We can’t afford to splash out £20m on each of the players we need to bring in, we have to gamble & develop

  • ee signing June 22, 2018 - 4:44 pm Reply

    If this is our second time round this one then the accusation of pot luck doesnt stand up. Theres been plenty of time to get this one right even if Fenerbache haven’t played him. What a shitty season he must have had btw. TC I hope come mid season you ill be eating humble pie. I will reserve judgment

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