Ex-Palace & Spurs Man Speaks About His Near-Death Experience In France

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John Bostock is a name that is well known to Palace fans everywhere, despite the fact that the 26-year-old made just five appearances for the club back in the 2007-08 season. Now at Turkish side Bursaspor, he’s given an intriguing and admirably honest interview about the near-death experience that completely changed his perspective on life.

Since leaving Palace in an ill-fated move to Tottenham, Bostock has enjoyed an extremely varied career within the game. Undoubtedly still an extremely talented footballer despite his struggles to break into the Spurs side, he’s had spells with Toronto FC, Royal Antwerp, OH Leuven, Lens and now Bursaspor but it was during his time in France that he was involved in a car crash that nearly halted any chance of him kicking a ball for a living dead in its tracks.

Travelling down the motorway at 3am, John was forced into a head-on smash with a drunk driver who was travelling at 70mph in the wrong direction; the sort of incident you simply don’t expect to walk away from. Tragically, the passenger in the drunk driver’s car lost their life but miraculously, Bostock walked away from the scene with just minor bumps and bruises, much to his and dozens on medical experts’ astonishment.

In the wake of such a life-changing event, the former Palace man now looks upon life as a gift that should be truly enjoyed from day to day. Admittedly, the interview in question focuses on his current role out in Turkey and doesn’t delve into his possible regrets about leaving Selhurst Park at such an early age but you get the sense that the boy who was won over by the bright lights of White Hart Lane is now a man with a level-headed outlook on the life he’s been blessed with.

He may or may not return to the professional game in England over the next few years but if he does come back to these shores, I certainly won’t be holding a grudge. Do I think he and his representatives made an error in letting Tottenham take them away from Palace at such a crucial stage of his development? Undoubtedly. Is there any reason to remain bitter about something that occurred almost a decade ago? No.

Aside from his previous connections to our club, the above interview is and intriguing and ultimately inspiring read for any football fan. When you consider the recent news regarding former Aston Villa man Jlloyd Samuel, it’s heartwarming to know that Bostock’s own crash didn’t end in the same dreadful manner.


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  • Jose Fonte, baby? Jose Fonte, oh, oh, oh May 21, 2018 - 10:19 am Reply

    Wouldn’t mind having him back at Palace as an option in midfield. He’s learned his lesson and still supposedly supports the club.

    • admin May 21, 2018 - 10:46 am Reply

      Depends if he’s good enough these days when all is said and done, sentiment aside, have we outgrown him?

      • Jose Fonte, baby? Jose Fonte, oh, oh, oh May 21, 2018 - 11:59 am Reply

        He seemed to be doing well in Belgium and was the player of the year in France a last season. He seems to have a similar style of passing to RLC with less dribbling skills.

        • admin May 21, 2018 - 12:31 pm Reply

          Indeed, difficult to judge without watching him regularly. I try not to talk as though I have authority on subjects I can’t profess to fully understand, Bostock’s ability is one of those things.

  • ee signing May 23, 2018 - 12:05 am Reply

    He was a boy when he left us. I doubt it was entirely his call. We should not judge him on his 16 yer old self. Spurs kids. Just dont do it. POTY in france is actually quite impressive given the talent at PSG. Wouldn’t hurt for scouts to have a look

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