This Manchester United Fan’s Piece On Palace’s Support Is Wonderful To Read

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Regular readers of HLTCO will know that I’m not often quick to offer praise to Manchester United or their supporters but yesterday evening, I stumbled across this piece written by Andy Mitten for GQ which I felt compelled to share with all of you.

Having traveled to Wembley to watch his side take on Tottenham in the FA Cup semi-final over the weekend, Andy could easily have dedicated his column to the tactical wrestling match that took place between Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino but instead, he chose to shine a light on a group of Palace fans he met on the train away from the game, who reminded him that, away from the glitz and glamour of the country’s national stadium, thousands upon thousands of supporters are wrapped up in a deep-rooted love affair with their club that doesn’t revolve around trophies.

In the wrong hands, the angle Mitten has chosen to tackle could come across as patronising but it is to his credit that he has managed to turn something as mundane as a post-match train journey into a coherent examination of fan culture in the UK. Admittedly, his chance meeting with them was nothing more than a snapshot of a day which saw the Eagles earn a precious if unremarkable point when drawing 0-0 with a faltering Watford side but in those few minutes, Andy was reminded that for all the changes Sky and BT Sport have made to the game on these shores, the sense of togetherness it inspires will never die.

I’m always mindful of the temptation to elevate our fan-base above others, to do so would be arrogant and insensitive to the hundreds of others that we exist alongside but thanks to Andy Mitten, we’ve been given an impartial perspective on what makes Crystal Palace FC and English fan culture so wonderful to be a part of.

Once it gets under your skin, it’s impossible not to fall in love.

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  • ee signing April 25, 2018 - 11:00 am Reply

    Agreed. A tremendous piece. Hope at least some Man United fans read it. In one area he is dead right. What our fans do while supporting our team is replicated by many others round the country. Its also important to remember opposing supporters aren’t all bad guys though I find it hard to be warm and fuzzy to Man U Charlton brighton and millwall fans or Watford… at the moment, anyway! As to standing I hope when representing the nation in Europe that English fans like those from United’s Merseyside rivals can avoid the usual .getting paralytic and then making themselves magnets for local troublemakers before the big games coming up.and stop giving football fans a bad name. In short we need to learn to blend in with Rugby fans. Too much to ask Safe standing, I Dont think will happen till people get this sort of thing out of their system and at least show good behaviour even under the influence

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