This Best Piece You’ll Read On Why Zaha Should Reject Spurs For Palace

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Wilfried Zaha only signed his latest five-year contract extension at Crystal Palace last summer but after playing such a pivotal role for the Eagles throughout the 2017/18 campaign, plenty of neutrals are raising the possibility of him flying the nest by the time summer arrives.

Luckily, there are still plenty of people throughout the sporting press who feel the 25-year-old would be best served by staying put in SE25 and after Ian Wright’s impassioned call for the academy man to shun the likes of Spurs should they come calling, this piece featured on Football365 drills right to the heart of why Zaha is perfectly placed to succeed in red and blue for the foreseeable future.

Whilst I would never deny that the wide man is more than talented enough to succeed at a top six club, I have always felt that his game is perfectly suited to the environment Palace have built around him in SE25. Of course, were he to move on to a side with more lofty ambitions, his new teammates would possess more in the way of technical ability than those he currently shares a dressing room with but you can almost certain that he’ll get nothing like the freedom he’s currently afforded if he is to switch allegiances over the summer.

As someone who watches him toying with opposition defenders from week to week, I know I’m not alone in being baffled at the criticism he still receives from many within the game but thankfully, the last year or so have seen many previously sceptical onlookers voicing their appreciation for what he brings to the Palace side; chief amongst them the man responsible for the piece above, which lays out exactly why Wilf is likely to go from strength to strength in red and blue for a decade or more to come.

Without putting too fine a point on things, Zaha acts as a lightning rod for the Eagles, gladly shouldering a huge weight of expectation and regularly thriving when the pressure is really on. You need only look at his performances down the years to see that when the moment calls for it, the winger takes his game to another level entirely, down in large part to the knowledge that thousands in the stands are relying on him to drag the team through.

Could he go on to win trophies elsewhere? Undoubtedly. Would those triumphs generate a sense of satisfaction similar to what he’s already done with a Palace badge sitting proudly on his chest? I for one am far from sure of that.

The speculation will continue for months I’m sure but each and every time you see Zaha linked with a move to someone new, remind yourself of the piece attached at the top of the page. It may just calm your nerves.

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  • Jim Connick March 26, 2018 - 8:03 am Reply

    Anybody remember Johnny Byrne (Palace hero in late Fifties 4th. Division)
    called up to England squad. West Ham came calling. He moved.Start of the end.

  • Yourspellingisshite March 26, 2018 - 5:19 pm Reply

    Fact is if zaha was with spurs he’s worth 40 m, to palace he’s priceless , until they can find a replacement , next fact play him right mid in a 3 he will score and assist better then last season ( last season a goal or assist every other game ) play him up front or left the output isn’t as good as we have seen this season , but he’s still had a great season because every time he gets the ball he carries and gets a free kick pen, throw in, corner etc and they have to put two on him which gives the team room when he passes: benteke as we saw last year benefited from this as did Townsend who had more assists from the left wing : sit deep hit from break : or zaha will leave benteke sakho cabaye van Tompkin, why r we fancying about same plan last ten games worked let’s get on with it and grow , I know parish wants more possession but ask Mourinho that isn’t always the answer , don’t mess it up cpfc we won well last game when we moved to 433 from 442 , and Townsend won pen from the left: mark bright parish Roy have a proper look st our strengths please football isnt rocket science

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