FULL VIDEO: United Boss Mourinho Destroys De Boer In Front Of The Press

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Frank de Boer’s troubled tenure at Crystal Palace has spilt the opinion of supporters since the day he departed but yesterday, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho took aim at the Dutchman in savage fashion following some comments that had been made about Marcus Rashford.

The Portuguese, clearly feeling rather chipper after a home victory over rivals Liverpool, was all too happy to reference comments from De Boer which suggested that he wasn’t the right sort of manager to guide Rashford’s progress within the game. For what it’s worth, I can fully understand Mourinho’s annoyance at the sentiments expressed but even I wasn’t expecting a response quite as brutal as the one he delivered.

Whilst Jose was wrong about the number of games Frank took charge of in SE25 (it was four not seven) the reciting of a run of games without a goal or point to our names under his stewardship, alongside the title of the “worst manager in Premier League history” is unlikely to do much for the reputation of the Ajax legend on these shores.

Some may suggest that Mourinho was overstepping a mark by publicly ripping into De Boer but after being singled out by Frank in the media, I feel as though the United boss was well within his rights to respond in the manner he did. You could argue that Rashford’s stock was on the wane a tad a month ago but the fact that he’s returned to the spotlight with such an impact points towards good man-management from Mourinho more than anything else.

Following on from what was a thoroughly uncomfortable couple of months with the De Boer at the helm I was more than ready to move on from his stint in charge and write it off as a failed experiment with fault on all sides but thanks to his appearance on British TV during our clash with Chelsea, he’s brought his name back into the public conversation with rather dire consequences.

It takes a special sort of character to fire pot-shots at Jose Mourinho after being sacked without securing a single point as a Premier League boss. I’m sure he knew he was opening himself up to scrutiny by doing so, even though he’s unlikely to have expected such a severe dressing down from the man himself.

Football, it’s just one big soap opera when all is said and done.

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  • t.carter March 13, 2018 - 8:15 am Reply

    as i said before de-boer is completely egotistical.he was out of his depth in the prem.his line-up,and tatic,s against huddersfield were unforgivable.im glad jose put him in his place.maybe now he,l shutup.and leave palace alone,and find another club to mess up.

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