Everything Frank De Boer Said About His Palace Stint On BT Sport

1 Posted by - March 12, 2018 - News

Aside from his pre-match comments regarding Wilfried Zaha, Frank de Boer also spoke to BT Sport at length about his 77-day tenure at Selhurst Park, with all of his musings featured in this article.

Predictably, given the rapid nature of his dismissal from SE25, Palace fans had a wide variety of questions to ask him via the host Jake Humphrey, beginning with his views on the back three that he experimented with at the start of the Premier League campaign.

Whilst Frank makes no secret of the fact that it was his favoured set-up, he is quick to point out that he implemented a change to a back four once he had spoken to people inside the club about their comfort levels.

It is a theme which seems to crop up time and again throughout his answers to questions regarding his tenure at Palace, whether he’s talking about the specific reasons for his failure, the length of time he was given to implement his ideas or the fact that he knew he was going to be sacked weeks before Steve Parish actually decided to pull the trigger and relieve him of his duties.

In his mind, perhaps understandably given the need to have faith in one’s self; the issues surrounding his brief time at the club were nothing more than minor bumps in the road which would have been dealt with inside the opening six months of his stay. It’s a comment he has every right to believe, even though I and I dare say plenty of others have serious doubts as to whether things would actually have turned out well in the end.

There were a fair few rumours relating to poor man management from the Dutchman which he himself references (possibly accidentally) within his comments on why it went wrong for him in the article attached above.

You could perhaps argue that the club’s board should have stood by their new man in the face of moans and groans from some of the playing staff but when you’re in the thick of it, decisions have to be made based on gut instinct as much as anything else, leaving Steve Parish and his fellow directors with a coin toss over who to back with the club’s top flight status on the line.

It was certainly a tumultuous time for the club but in many ways, De Boer’s BT Sport appearance can help us all draw a line underneath it.

I wonder where he’ll pop up next?

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  • t.carter March 12, 2018 - 10:29 am Reply

    look de-boer was a mistake.everyone knew he was wrong for the premiership.he had no clue how to counter other teams in this devision.performances/tatics against huddersfield and swansea were disgracefull.parish for once acted swiftly.but the damage was done.and quite frankly we,ve been paying for it eversince.

  • Rani S March 27, 2018 - 10:53 am Reply

    how about the personality?

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