Benteke Got Absolutely Ripped Apart On MOTD2

2 Posted by - February 27, 2018 - News

Christian Benteke remains goalless at Selhurst Park this season and on Sunday evening, the Belgian striker got absolutely ripped apart by Alan Shearer on Match Of The Day 2.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will likely be aware that my own personal view on the Newcastle United legend is far from positive, given the frequent negative comments he’s made regarding Wilfried Zaha’s “end product” but when listening to his take on Benteke, I felt as though he was making a worthy point.

Whilst I have never questioned the former Liverpool man’s willingness to defend for the team, I am often left feeling exasperated at his meek approach in the attacking third of the field. Admittedly, he is known as a man who likes the ball played to his head but this term, it feels as though he’s simply refusing to entertain the idea of making runs which may end up with an easy tap-in at the near or far post.

Given the attributes associated with both Wilfried Zaha and Andros Townsend, you would assume that a striker of Benteke’s pedigree would by now have grown accustomed to getting into the six-yard-box and across his covering defender for balls being slid across the “corridor of uncertainty” just as Glenn Murray used to when playing as a focal point between Zaha and Yannick Bolasie for us.

With only two goals to his name this term, away to Leicester and West Ham respectively, I feel obliged to mention that the big man hasn’t scored a competitive goal with his feet for more than 10 months now, which by any regularly selected striker’s standards, simply cannot be deemed good enough.

Whilst I am fully aware that Christian’s confidence is probably in need of a boost, we as a club are in the midst of a relegation dogfight in which we need our players to stand up and be counted. From his perspective, that should mean bursting a figurative lung to get into goalscoring positions and being unafraid to miss.

You need only look at Harry Kane’s approach to Sunday’s game to see what happens when a striker backs themselves to score time and time again. In terms of chance conversion, the Spurs man had an awful day at Selhurst Park but rather than sulking, he kept on putting himself in the right places and was eventually rewarded when nodding home the winner in the dying minutes.

I’d have no issue with Benteke missing four out of every five chances he got if he was actively pursuing the opportunity to score in each attack but this term, it seems as though he’d rather square the ball to someone else in favour of taking a pop at goal himself.

If his and more importantly the team’s collective fortunes are to change between now and May, I feel as though he’ll have to adopt a more ruthless mindset in front of goal or face up to the possibility of being replaced by the eye-catching Alexander Sørloth at the head of the side.

The choice is his to make.

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  • t.carter February 27, 2018 - 8:44 am Reply

    bebteke,s form over the last 18 months is there for all to see.he may have chipped in a few last season,but his form was naff.he is a passenger,and we cannot afford this.why he has,nt been dropped is beyond me.secondly why play reidwalde,who i feel is well out of his depth,in a relegation fight.why is,nt rakip playing.supposedly a player with a positive attitude.we have no-one in midfield whose inventive,at present.and we need positive performances.;with some of the injuries at last starting to clear up,surely it,s time to change the personel.

    • Concerned Eagle February 27, 2018 - 1:38 pm Reply

      Lets be honest, it’s clear Roy sees nothing in Rakip and rates Chungy over him (who we were trying to flog to Bolton last month).

      I actually think Ridewald has impressed in recent games that he’s been involved in

  • Concerned Eagle February 27, 2018 - 1:36 pm Reply

    Benteke has a stinking attitude. The penalty fiasco the other week sums him up.

    Another terrible signing to put at Pardew and Parish’s door,

  • H.Losinski February 27, 2018 - 4:34 pm Reply

    No wonder the majority of our defenders are getting injured, if Palace had a decent and energetic midfield that could retain more possession of the ball in the opposition’s half, it would give the Palace defence more of a respite. At the moment when a Palace attack break down, the opposition seem to be able to very easily play their way through the Palace midfield resulting in the Palace rearguard constantly having to make tackles and putting their bodies on the line more often than not. It goes without saying that the more tackles and headers a defender has to make, the more of a risk of the defender getting injured which seems to be the case recently. It is obvious to see that the Palace midfield is getting old and needs more energy in that that when a Palace attack breaks down, the Palace midfield win the ball back as quickly as possible in the opposion’s half rather than the defence in their own half.

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