STAT: Palace Are Currently The Biggest Under-Performers In Europe

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To many football fans across the country, the introduction of “Expected Goals” of xG into Match Of The Day’s coverage of the Premier League is nothing more than a shiny gimmick but from a Crystal Palace perspective, the analytical tool reveals something genuinely astounding,

The general idea behind xG is to rank goal-scoring opportunities in relation to how likely they are to be scored, with a five-yard tap-in seen as a far easier chance than a 30-yard volley through a crowded penalty area. In theory, this should offer punters, players and managers alike a tool by which they can judge the quality of a team’s play away from the unpredictable final scores each week but in Palace’s specific case, it makes for extremely frustrating reading.

As you can see from the link attached in the opening paragraph of this piece, Roy Hodgson’s men are “expected” to have amassed 41 points so far this term, a whopping 14 points more than they actually have to their name at the time of writing. It is a differential which would see them jump up into seventh place and gives an indication as to just how wasteful we’ve been in the final third since August.

Whilst you may wonder what other weird and wacky results xG throws up, it’s worth noting that West Brom are the only other side in the Premier League with a points differential higher than 10, with Southampton featuring third highest on the list at 7.05. Of course, it is all conjecture but when you think back to the points we’ve dropped through last minute penalties being missed and easy chances that were squandered, it does begin to add up.

Unfortunately, we have a chronically out of form Christian Benteke starting from week to week, who just last weekend, missed a first-half chance to give us the lead at Goodison Park before squandering another to get us back into the game after the interval. Obviously, I’m not keen to throw the big man under the bus but if we are to drag ourselves away from the drop zone, he and his teammates are going to have to up their game in the weeks to come.

The record states that we should have scored 39 times in the 2017/18 campaign, when in fact we’ve found the back of the net on just 25 occasions. It doesn’t take the greatest of footballing minds to realise where we need to improve between now and May.

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  • Rob February 13, 2018 - 10:01 am Reply

    Hate to say it but CB needs throwing under a bus and cemented over after. At least whilst it all settled we would see some movement from him. I would drop him to the bench, stick sorloth up front and add another midfielder into the middle of the park.

    Does make you wonder though what he does in training, because clearly he needs more.

    We’re not talking about a £10m striker here the guy came to us for £30m, how much do you think we would be able to sell him for if we wanted to get rid of him?

    • admin February 13, 2018 - 10:17 am Reply

      Strangely, I bet we’ll still get £15-20m for him. The inflated Premier League market is a strange thing…

  • t.carter February 13, 2018 - 10:15 am Reply

    i think hoppo your being too kind on benteke.the last 3 years he has been poor.plainly this season he has been rely on this man is,s not just the missed chances,but the fact he stands around,doesn,t get involved.the time has come to dump sorloth,who is keen to impress,and play rakip in the no.10 slot.i also feel your being to kind on the defence.can u really say the,ve done their bit.for me only wilf,mileovich,andtomkins,have played consistently well.

    • admin February 13, 2018 - 10:17 am Reply

      I’d drop him and play Alex up top against Spurs. 100%.

  • t.carter February 13, 2018 - 10:51 am Reply

    palace spent 60 million on benteke and sako.canu really say we,ve had value for money out either of them.benteke,s performances we know,are awful.but when sako,s played can really say he,s been outstanding,cos i can, for me he has too prove he was worth 30 million.for me tomkins has been far more consistent,and he has had his injury worries as the end ask yourselves,who really has turned up consistently for palace this season.this is why we are in great fear of relegation.the players have just not performed as a team.

    • Rob February 13, 2018 - 11:53 am Reply

      Well Sakho’s been injured most of time so I don’t think it’s fair to lump him with Benteke. I hate singling players out but if he was in any other profession he would of been sacked by now. 2 goals in what 22 games?

      Fingers crossed Sorloth picks up pace after the break and starts banging them in.

  • t.carter February 13, 2018 - 1:45 pm Reply

    ive had ago at m.sako,cos unlike last season,when he has played,he,s been ok.but for 30 million i would expect outstanding performances.particually at this time when we need him.for me only tomkins has done his darndest,and yes he,s had his injuries.thing,s are really serious now,no-more o.k. performances.they have to be like when we played chelsea at home.u can,t wait untill final 6 matches.otherwise we,d be going down with w.b.a.

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