Palace Have Made A Positive Step In Their Plan To Rebuild Selhurst Park

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Crystal Palace have promised to engage the services of local property developers over the construction of six new homes if they are granted planning permission for the proposed redevelopment of Selhurst Park in the next couple of months.

Having presented the plans to the council recently, the club were advised that they would need to demolish six homes rather than the initial estimate of five, leading the Eagles’ hierarchy to reconsider their promise to those who are set to be impacted by the re-build.

Thankfully, the club have confirmed that they will meet all of the costs associated with the relocation of any residents who are forced to move as a consequence of the potential new Main Stand, including the construction of the new homes. It is hoped that such an offer will be looked upon favourably by those that matter, enabling the process to go through without any major hiccups.

As we all know, the presence of Sainsbury’s within the site has presented a number of problems for us over the years but from the tone expressed by Guy Wickett (Palace’s development manager) in the article above, it seems as though we’re relatively confident of keeping the supermarket giant on-board throughout the process.

Of course, as supporters, our immediate Premier League future will take precedence over any thoughts of a new-improved Main Stand but for those behind the scenes in SE25, the need to plan for the next 10, 20 or 30 years should always play a role in the decision-making process. Since taking control of the club back in 2010, Steve Parish has been incredibly vocal about his desire to make changes to the club’s stadium, with this latest blueprint coming years after the failed attempt to move us back to our original home in Crystal Palace Park.

Whilst we’re all aware that there is still a hell of a long way to go until everything is given the green-light from a construction perspective, the early signs appear to be far more positive than they ever have been in the past. Obviously, that shouldn’t mean we begin to get carried away at the prospect of Parish’s plans becoming a reality but there is certainly reason for optimism if you’re a long-time supporter of the club.

Keep everything crossed.

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