REPORT: Palace Are At Risk Of Babacar Deal Being Hijacked

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Palace’s interest in Fiorentina striker Khouma Babacar has been well documented over the last couple of weeks but now, Gazzetta dello Sport are suggesting that Brighton and West Brom have thrown their hats into the ring for him too.

With just one fit out-and-out striker on our books in the shape of Christian Benteke, the recent goalscoring form of winger Bakary Sako has been a wonderful boost to Roy Hodgson and the team; not that it’s dampened our desire to bring in attacking reinforcements before the window closes in two week’s time.

Whilst Babacar has made 17 appearances so far this season, the majority of his game time has been off the bench; a fact that hasn’t stopped him from netting five goals along the way. Obviously, I don’t know enough about the Viola’s squad to make judgments over Stefano Pioli’s tactical choices but it does seem a little baffling to see Babacar being used so sparingly when he bagged a mightily impressive 14 goals in 31 appearances for Fiorentina last term.

Having been with the Serie A outfit for nine years now, I can understand why the 24-year-old is thinking long and hard about the decision to leave Italy for a different country, culture and style of play but I honestly feel as though Roy Hodgson is the ideal manager to bring the best out of him over the next year or two.

The former England boss’ man-management has shone through during his four-month reign at Selhurst Park and given the fact that Roy is known to be fluent in Italian, Babacar would have no concerns over a language barrier at the training ground in his early days with us, which would surely make a difference to his transition between the two leagues.

With Brighton having already bid for him themselves last summer and West Brom in obvious need of more firepower I’m not surprised to see them both linked with Khouma but after such a long period of courtship, it would be lovely to see the club tie this deal up in the next few days.

Should anything significant occur, it will be reported on HLTCO as soon as possible.

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  • tzcar January 17, 2018 - 8:45 am Reply

    as usual a disgrace on transfers.what is freedman at palace for.every transfer window palace,mess it up.i bet all we end up with is a goalkeeper.the palace upper management went to the asene wenger school of transfer dealings.

  • Jose Fonte baby? Jose Fonte? Oh oh oh January 17, 2018 - 10:10 am Reply

    I think Parrish is a great chairmen for long-term strategy, sponsership deals and marketing strategy (particularly online content) but he needs to take a step back from transfers, it’s painful.

    Every single window we drag our heels over deals, miss out on targets and end up getting bargain bin players like Florian Maranage and Adebeyor. The best teams in the window take decisive action to get their key targets. If the club plays hardball they have a clear back-up and get him instead.

    I know we don’t have the money of a City or Liverpool but even Huddersfield are capable of swiftly signing their top targets (Mooy, Pritchard, Ince, Mounie). Allowing a key target to move to a relegation rival is unacceptable, in my view and this guy has a better record, age and pedigree than either of Niasse or Diafra Sakho and we should stump up the extra cash (which compared to league survival will be a trivial amount) to sign him.

    • admin January 17, 2018 - 12:03 pm Reply

      There is of course a solid chance of us ending this window with Babacar, Amadou and Guaita on our books, which would be ideal. Should we end up with none of the above trio, I’ll share your pain and frustration JFB.

      Let’s hope for some serious movement in the next couple of days.

  • Peter Burch January 17, 2018 - 12:25 pm Reply

    You guys (not you Hoppo) need to listen to the Five Year Plan podcast this week where Steve Parish explained about how the transfer window works:

    I’ll paraphrase: Players, especially when they’re near the end of their contract, tend to hold out until the very end just in case a better offer comes in. Yes, you can get anyone you want almost any time if you go in with an offer of an exorbitant high price and silly wages (and probably a silly agent’s fee – but that’s my summation, Steve didn’t say that) but there is only a finite amount of money available. This coupled with the fact that our needs changed dramatically since the window opened due to a sudden spate of extra long-term injuries makes things ‘difficult’. Also, people are human and they make mistakes sometimes, including him. Finally, any targets have to be a good fit for whomever the current manager is viz-a-viz his plan and vision for the team; it isn’t just about filling the team up with perceived talent.

    If you listen to what Steve Parish actually has to say, he doesn’t come across at all as someone who isn’t doing his absolute level best to get the right people in without sending us spiralling back into relegation and administration.

    Finally, gate receipts are still as important as the TV money. Until we get our stadium developed a bit (and, probably, some of it actually paid for – again my summation) we simply can’t compete with bigger clubs due to pure and simple economics.

    He’s slowly getting us where we want to be and that isn’t back into another administration because we’ve splashed out on a load of donkey’s who then don’t perform and get us relegated. The club couldn’t be in better hands. Richer maybe (Russian oligarch or Arab zillionaire state ruler), but definitely not better.

  • Paul Wright January 17, 2018 - 5:28 pm Reply

    I totally agree with Peter Birch and having listened to the PODCAST last night I completely agree with SP and SB. Look where we were against Sheff Wed last game of the season imagine if we lost that game and before that against Stockport?? Look how far the club, team and facilities have developed in the last 6 years odd. Rome wasn’t built in a day and to gain that extra revenue to develop the team it has to come in the development of the ground and not evaporated in the team for a lets get players to make up the numbers and theses players are not the right players that will not easily be integrated into the English way as the premiership and the type to manage. Yes we need a striker for most and defensive cover and then look at a keeper but DF, SP will get it right.

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