Palace All Set To Make An Offer For Everton Man In The Coming Days

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Crystal Palace are believed to be going back in for Everton striker Oumar Niasse this January after a move for him broke down in the final minutes of the previous transfer window.

Having had something of a personal revival at Goodison Park in the months since his botched transfer move, Niasse himself may be keen to stay and fight for his place but thanks to the signing of Cenk Tosun, (who was also a target for Palace last August) the Toffees are believed to be open to the idea of cashing in on Niasse during the January sales.

With Christian Benteke still the only fit striker on our books, Niasse remains an understandable target for the club but I don’t mind admitting that I’m a little concerned at the lack of alternatives being discussed given the fact that we’ve had four full months to scour the market in the period since the transfer window was last open. No doubt his pedigree, price and style are all welcoming factors for us but at the time of writing, it seems as though we simply don’t have anyone else in mind, which is rather distressing.

A great deal of water has gone under the bridge since our first efforts to bring the Senegalese international to SE25, with only a select group of people knowing the specific reasons as to why a deal broke down in the final few hours of the August transfer window. When you add Niasse’s ban for diving against us at Selhurst Park into the mix, fans could be forgiven for feeling a tad apprehensive about any transfer that is sorted out but with the injuries we’re being forced to contend with of late, the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers” comes to mind.

Should Niasse’s potential arrival mean that we’re able to bring in a goalkeeper, central defender and winger alongside him, I wouldn’t necessarily be against the move, even though it may not present the most exciting of prospects for us between now and May. Given the crisis we’re currently battling through, it feels like a greater depth of squad is necessary over an individual star or two, which sees Niasse fitting the bill perfectly.

No one is likely to be doing cartwheels is Oumar is brought in but by the same token, we could do a great deal worse.

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  • Ben January 9, 2018 - 8:50 am Reply

    I may be a little naive on this one but it always worries me bringing in a player from another PL club who hasn’t exactly been a roaring success. If he hasn’t been great at Everton why should he be any different for us when playing the same teams? I realise that if he had been a star yt Everton he probably wouldn’t be for sale. Personally I’d prefer someone from another league who has the potential to score double digits for us. It certainly worked in the midfield with Luka. I’m probably not being clear in what I’m trying to say but hope you can make some sense in it?

    • admin January 9, 2018 - 9:58 am Reply

      I know where you’re coming from Ben; sadly, given the need for numerous reinforcements, we may have little to no choice but to settle for Niasse.

  • tzcar January 9, 2018 - 9:53 am Reply

    i feel niasse needs to find a proper home.would he be a good buy?well look at the carthorse leading our attack at the moment?niasse wil link up better with wilf,he,s more flexible,and hey,he scores he,s not a markie signing,but we need to stay up,surely that,s all that matters.with benteke leading the line,it,s going to be a near thing.

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