Sussex Police Admit To Lying About Palace Fans In Official Report

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A little over a week on from Sussex police reporting that “knives and knuckledusters” had been recovered from the Palace supporters who travelled to The Amex, an official apology has been posted online.

Whilst the actions of the mindless few supporters who stormed a gate last Tuesday have been rightly condemned by the vast majority of Palace fans, the smear campaign that has taken place in the aftermath has been disgusting to say the least.

The existence of “knives and knuckledusters” formed a large part of reports in numerous national news outlets’ coverage of the night, with a direct quote from a policeman involved at the stadium calling it a “return to the dark days”. As a consequence, countless social media users were quick to label our supporters as thugs, when in reality, none of the aforementioned weapons had ever been found.

The apology attached above claims that the report mentioned said offensive items after taking their existence “in good faith”, which is rather convenient way of framing a direct lie. If a police force are happy to play a role in the intentional smearing of thousands of football fans after incidents such as the Hillsborough disaster have received so much coverage, you have to wonder what sort of society we’re living in.

Had Rob Sutherland and the other lads at Five Year Plan not bombarded Sussex Police with direct questions as to the existence of evidence relating to the mythical weapons, the powers that be wouldn’t have ever given the lie a second thought, tarnishing the reputation of thousands unfairly in the process. If this incident has taught us anything, it’s that questions should always be raised of those in power when things don’t add up. It’s easy to take the line of least resistance and keep quiet but more often that any of us would care to imagine; if something doesn’t seem right, it’s worth following up on.

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  • Eric The Ninja December 8, 2017 - 8:26 am Reply

    This is absolutely outrageous and would typically have been swept under the carpet were it not for the sterling work of FYP. According to Sussex Police, they have evidence of their officers lying in order to vilify our fans and distract from their inept policing and failure to plan properly for the game. These officers MUST face disciplinary action, if this was the case. What is probably more likely is a more senior officer intentionally released this disinformation to muddy the waters of their failure and is now eluding to these unnamed officers being the source in order to diffuse the situation. Sussex Police are a joke and I am very concerned about our fans safety, well-being and ability to attend the FA Cup tie without unnecessary and unlawful interference.

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