TWEETS: Labour Councillor Highlights Issues With Selhurst Redevlopment

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Whilst it’s easy to get carried away by the hugely exciting plans for Selhurst Park’s redevelopment, supporters of Crystal Palace are no doubt well aware of the numerous hurdles that lie in our way before construction gets anywhere close to beginning.

Attached above are tweets sent by Labour Councillor Timothy Godfrey in response to questions asked of him over the feasibility of the club’s new stadium plans, all of which give an insight into the potential issues surrounding the blueprint.

Whilst the generally positive tone of Timothy’s words should give us all plenty of cause for optimism, the snags he mentions are all valid points, leaving me keen to discover how the club plan to work around residents’ concerns and objections.

With the roads surrounding Selhurst already densely populated, any feasible plan for major redevelopment will have to keep those living around the site happy throughout; a task that is certainly not for the faint-hearted. That said, Steve Parish is on record time and again stating that he would not reveal any plans to the public unless he was confident of everything working out in the long-run, leaving us to hope that the issues raised in the tweets above have already been thought through by those behind the scenes at Selhurst Park.

Planning permission for the site is set to go in during January of 2018, with the start of construction tentatively planned for the end of that calendar year. To me and I’m sure plenty of other supporters, it seems a little far-fetched to expect such ambitious plans to go off without any significant objections from those who wield power, given the previous experience the club has had with the local council.

Publicly, they will always declare a deep admiration for the football club and what it brings to Selhurst as a whole but when getting down to the nuts and bolts of any serious alterations to the existing site, you can almost guarantee that they won’t be anywhere near as positive in their outlook.

Watch this space.


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  • Jimmy December 5, 2017 - 7:14 pm Reply

    If Palace have bought surrounding property – including a “Buy Back” of the Whitehorse Lane end – that would be fair to all parties.
    It would also open up a major potential expansion plan at that end of the ground.
    The late – and great – Palace fan – Ron Noades – pointed out that there is nothing to stop CPFC building ABOVE Sainsburys at that end of the ground.
    Americans always tell us that they “THINK BIG” – well BRING IT ON GUYS – BRING IT ON!!!

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