VIDEO: Take A Virtual Tour Of The Redeveloped Selhurst Park

2 Posted by - December 5, 2017 - News, Video

Thanks to the announcement of Crystal Palace’s proposed £100m redevelopment of Selhurst Park, the last 24 hours have been full of excitement for Eagles fans, with this link allowing you to take a virtual tour of Selhurst once the planned changes have taken place.

Set to take the stadium’s capacity from just under 26,000 to an impressive 34,000, the new Main Stand would house a large amount of corporate hospitality opportunities, whilst joining in with the corners of the Holmesdale and White Horse Lane stands.

The most striking element of the new design is the exterior of the Main Stand itself, with its five-storey glass facade reminding supporters of the club’s original roots in a rather elegant manner. Of course, at the moment these remain nothing more than proposals but after years with no movement whatsoever, I think we’re all allowed to show a little excitement in the immediate aftermath of the plans going public.

As things stand, we’re a month away from putting in for planning permission on the site, which has always been a major sticking point in the past. There is a chance that Parish and his fellow investors have made the big announcement without it in a bid to get the public on side first but after plenty of false dawns in the past, it’s certainly a bold move.

I’m sure I’m not alone in expecting this plan to hit a significant snag and fall by the wayside in the coming months but for now, I’m content to marvel at the beauty and ambition of the design, hoping that somehow, those with the power to make it or break it are feeling open to the possibilities it presents.


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    £100 should buy a lot!

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