The Best Article You’ll Read On Tuesday Night’s Trouble At The Amex

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A great deal has been said about the disorder that occurred outside The Amex Stadium on Tuesday night but few if any articles have gone into anything like the detail that James Daly has here.

Whilst I am more than happy to denounce the actions of the few Palace fans who forced their way into the stadium without tickets, I am far from happy at the sight of hundreds more being tarred with the same brush by the press, given the stress and rough treatment they were given throughout their dealings with Sussex police.

The article attached above goes into fantastic detail regarding the exact conditions supporters were forced to deal with, despite being peaceful, law-abiding, ticket-holders who were simply keen to make it to the stadium on time and watch the game they’d paid to attend.

A debate is still being had over the quality of stewarding on show at The Amex prior to kick-off but regardless of the finger-pointing on that front, the voices of those who were treated like criminals by police with no justification whatsoever deserve to be heard.

As this piece from Jesse Boyce highlighted a little over 24 hours ago, Brighton’s official statement in relation to the night’s events was littered with lies, only adding to the anger of those who were kettled and harassed by police for no reason.

Whilst I and I’m sure plenty of others will agree that the job of policing a derby game is far from straightforward, the heavy-handed treatment of Palace supporters en-masse points towards a desire from those in charge to willingly demonise football fans as a collective rather than treating each peaceful individual with the respect they deserve.

There will almost certainly be more stories to come from Tuesday night’s events in Falmer but for now, you’re unlikely to find a more comprehensive summary as to exactly what happened than James Daly’s piece at the top of the page. All credit to him and the people he spoke to when putting it together, they’ve provided an invaluable insight into exactly what occurred.

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