QUOTES: Hodgson Claims To Be In The Dark Over Transfer Budget – Is He Bluffing?

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Never one to rock the boat unnecessarily, Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson has claimed to know very little about the size of the Eagles budget heading into the January transfer window.

With the club still stuck at the very foot of the Premier League table, it stands to reason that we’ll be in the market for a new player or two once 2018 begins but for Hodgson, it’s a case of waiting to see just how much he and the club’s scouts will have to play with before putting any concrete bids in for players.

Given the furore which surrounded the last few days of the summer transfer window, not to mention the fact that we ended up having just one fit striker on our books when it closed, you’d think the club’s hierarchy would be desperate to ensure that we don’t suffer the same fate in January. That said, if Roy’s comments to the press yesterday are anything to go by, he and his coaches are still being kept in the dark over our transfer strategy.

This could of course be a complete lie from Hodgson in a bid to keep the press off the scent of any deals, similarly, he may well have asked to be kept out of discussions regarding transfers until much closer to January, allowing him to focus solely on the coaching of the players. Either one of these scenarios is totally fine by me but having grown quite fond of Roy in the short time he’s been with us, I feel keen to know that he’s being treated well by the club behind the scenes.

With Dougie Freedman having spoken comprehensively about our plans for January when addressing a fans Q&A at Selhurst Park last week, I personally feel a great deal more confident about our chances of landing top targets in the upcoming window than I have done for years. From the outside looking in, it appears as though a great deal of uncertainty can be eliminated by thorough planning prior to the window opening; a practice we appear to have fully embraced at boardroom level since the issues arose at the end of August.

Let’s hope that both Roy and the club’s board have one or two tricks up their sleeve in the New Year, adding the sort of players necessary to take us away from the drop zone and towards the relative comfort of a mid-table position.

We can dream.

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  • tzcar November 24, 2017 - 9:29 am Reply

    hoping mr hopkin does not sort this mess out.the management have got nearly everything wron g so far.january is their last chance to get it right.and belive me there,s a lot to do.get rid of the dead wood.identify,and get your targets early.im not concerned about roy being absent from budgets,i feel he would have said already who he feels would enhanse us.but one thig,s for sure,if the yanks abnd parish play the pauper.were be done.then i expect them to find a buyer,and get rid of parish.for me this is his last stand.2 many errors are at his door.either follow freedman,s lead or get out.yes this is harsh,but at the moment the odds are we will be going down.and im sick of this yo-yo stance.ive supported this club over 5t0 yrs,and im fed up.

    • Richard Glen November 24, 2017 - 12:42 pm Reply

      fair point tzcar

  • Richard Glen November 24, 2017 - 12:44 pm Reply

    could it be cheaper to be relegated and start again from fresh rather than invest heavily in January
    for it to not work out????

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