Freedman Fills Fans With Confidence For January Transfers At Q&A

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Last night, Crystal Palace Sporting Director Dougie Freedman and U18s boss Paddy McCarthy took part in a fans Q&A session at Selhurst Park, with those who attended believed to have been extremely encouraged by what they heard.

Whilst there are no direct quotes on social media following a request from Freedman, those who were there insist that his comments regarding the club’s intentions in the upcoming January transfer window were hugely encouraging. Of course, plenty within the Palace fan-base still feel uneasy about Freedman given the circumstances surrounding his decision to leave for Bolton Wanderers five years ago but now that he’s back, it’s apparently clear to see that he’s desperate to help the club in whatever way he can.

Having had a number of detailed discussions with Roy Hodgson about the areas we need to strengthen in the New Year, we can expect Dougie to implement a change of approach in the transfer market from the one that was employed over the summer. The chances of us waiting until the last minute to get our business done are almost non-existent if you believe what you hear, which must mean we already have our targets lined up and ready to go in most cases.

Pressed for clarity over strategy, the Scot was seen to be very direct in his answers, no doubt fielding plenty of questions over the circumstances which led to us emerging from the summer window with only one fit striker on our books. It’s a line of criticism he, Steve Parish and anyone else involved within the Palace hierarchy will have had thrown their way in the months since but if anything, the outrage over it should ensure that we don’t fall into the same trap again once 2018 begins.

On the academy, both Freedman and McCarthy were understandably extremely positive given the U18s table-topping start to the current campaign. After a few sparse years, it feels as though we have a special group of players coming through the ranks right now, making the coaching they receive all the more important.

Ideally, we’ll see a selection of them making their way into the first-team over the next three to four years but for every individual, a great deal of work lies ahead. One thing’s for sure, it feels like we have the right man there to guide them in the shape of Paddy McCarthy. Who knows, the first-team job may be his one day if he continues to produce the results he has so far.

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  • tzcar November 21, 2017 - 10:05 am Reply

    there,s no 2 way,s about it.january holds the key.let,s see if talk transfer,s into action.we need quality players to inprove the character of the team.freeman has his work cut out,and really EVERYTHING REST,S ON HIM.personally i would like to see a good 4 new replace-speroni,ward.puncheon,and benteke.he has been completely useless this a 3 legged carthorse.gey your act together or get out.we can,t afford any prisoner,s.

  • DanB November 21, 2017 - 10:35 am Reply

    January holds the key???
    All the games before January hold the key, if we don’t start winning games it will be too late to worry about transfers. Players are not going to want to jump on a sinking ship.

    • admin November 21, 2017 - 10:37 am Reply

      It does depend largely on the sort of player we’re looking to recruit. Those in the upper end of the second tier or in Europe’s lesser leagues would probably still entertain it, especially when you consider the chance of bouncing straight back.

    • Geone November 21, 2017 - 9:08 pm Reply

      Tzcar…I don’t share your vision on getting rid of Big Ben, and Speroni that 3 legged carhorse you mentioned scored 15 or 16 goals last season that’s more than probably better Gayle’s and Zaha tally average combined in one Season. So why would you want to get rid of him!!!.. Big Ben must stay, but they must get another quality goal scorer into the squad and a decent goalie. If you want some examples of who!!! They could get made (Islam Slimani from Leicester or Adrian from West Ham..)

  • Jose Fonte baby? Jose Fonte? Oh oh oh November 21, 2017 - 11:45 am Reply

    We have Stoke, Brighton, WBA, Bournemouth, Watford and Leicester as our next 6 games. if we get 3/4 wins and 1/2 draws we are right back in the mix and hitting form at a good time when players are looking for moves.

    If we don’t starting turning the performances into points i think we could sign pretty much anyone in Jan and still be up shit creek.

    If we are to sign anyone we need to do sort transfers decisively and not leave it till the last minute. Is there also a risk that we spunk all of next summers budget? That seems to be what Jan 17 did to Summer 2017.

  • Richard Glen November 21, 2017 - 12:35 pm Reply

    A place in Europe is still a target!! I BACK US TO STAY UP BY ONE POINT!! just stop giving away silly goals.

    • Ed Quoththeraven November 21, 2017 - 4:55 pm Reply

      Richard old son! Where have you been?!

  • penguin7 November 21, 2017 - 1:13 pm Reply

    I was hoping to find out what was actually said at this Q+A. Bit disappointed to find that there is only last nights tweet from CW padded out by waffle. Which really only said that Dougie is doing his job and the U18s are playing well !

    • admin November 21, 2017 - 1:20 pm Reply

      Hi mate, Dougie specifically asked everyone in attendance not to tweet out or write specific quotes from the night, hence the lack of actual comments from the man himself.

      Sorry you think it’s waffle but I’ve pieced together the general tone of the night whilst taking care not to betray his request having given up his own time to speak to fans.

  • TonyN November 21, 2017 - 3:34 pm Reply

    I use to love football management games and one thing always struck me was so much potential goes untapped from Europe. Our problem lies in that even if we do bring in someone it is the quality needed balanced with the wages required. Wenger has the issues with Sanchez and Ozil. We are not going to be able to support many players who are demanding £70k plus a week. So if we find a good player we have the issues.

    If we start finding young (u21) with potential surely it is better to get them young and pay lower wages on a long contract. Can we afford to lose £1.8m on a young striker? Not saying the whole team should go this way just that many of us want talent without the wage bill. Guess our scouts had better start earning their money.

    • admin November 21, 2017 - 3:39 pm Reply

      I’m with you Tony, although the fact that Jairo Riedewald is currently spending his time playing in our U21s would suggest that the club isn’t on the same page as us.

  • Jimmy November 21, 2017 - 10:55 pm Reply

    More changes of the guard at CPFC that at “Buckouse” has resulted in a major security problem.
    To keep throwing the dice and always expecting a six is not a gamble – its Vegas with the lights out.Tthe The real CPFC model – 3-3 vs Liverpool was rejected by “Upstairs” not the fans – and that is why we are where we are now.

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