VIDEO: West Ham Fan Loses The Plot After Zaha’s Late Equaliser

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Whilst a point at home to a struggling West Ham side isn’t the greatest of results we could have hoped for, the manner in which Wilfried Zaha secured it for us on Saturday led to scenes of wild celebration. Conversely, Hammers fans were left absolutely incandescent with rage, as you can see from the clip attached just below.

At this juncture, I feel it’s important to mention that the attached clip is completely and totally inappropriate if you are around children, in a a work place or just detest swearing in general but if you’ve completed all of those checks and feel good to go, I urge you to sit back and enjoy this complete and utter meltdown with West Ham fan Tom just outside the confines of Selhurst Park.

Taking into account West Ham’s 2-0 half-time lead, the time-wasting they indulged in after the break, the stick they gave Zaha throughout and the bone-headed stupidity displayed by Michail Antonio when not keeping the ball in the corner as the game edged towards its conclusion, Tom’s reaction is incredibly sweet to watch from a Palace fan’s perspective.

As you would expect from any opposition fan asked for their views after dropping points against us, he has pops at Zaha, our supporters and the atmosphere around the ground in general, whilst also managing to take aim at former West Ham favourite James Tomkins for daring to go elsewhere in search of regular first-team football.

These “Fan TV” channels often throw up gems for sites like mine to draw attention to but few are ever as pathetic as the one attached at the top of the page. To Tom’s credit, he manages to keep a lid on his anger for the first 80 seconds of the clip before losing his head in spectacular fashion. What follows is almost certain to give you a smile, as long as you’re not adverse to a bit of exotic language.


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