These Tweets Prove How Criminally Underrated Wilfried Zaha Is…

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You don’t need to have been following Crystal Palace long to know that Wilfried Zaha is a man who divides opinion amongst supporters of other clubs. Whilst the 24-year-old is adored in SE25, plenty of neutrals continue to insist that he’s overrated; a view that is made all the more laughable by the thread of tweets attached just below.

Having spent the last two months sidelined thanks to an injury he picked up on the opening day of the season against Huddersfield, Zaha threw himself straight back into the spotlight with an inspired display against reigning champions Chelsea at Selhurst Park last weekend. Deployed as a striker by Roy Hodgson in the absence of Christian Benteke, the Ivory Coast international toyed with the Blues defenders all game long, rightly winning the Man of the Match award for his efforts.

Predictably, plenty of Chelsea fans took to Twitter in the aftermath of their defeat to moan about the fact that Zaha “turns into a world class player against them”, not realising that fans of almost every club he has gone up against in the last year or so say the same things from week to week. As Palace fans, we’ve grown accustomed to the mainstream media portraying Wilf as an overrated show-pony since our promotion to the Premier League but as the above thread proves, the winger’s game is far more consistent than many will ever publicly admit.

Whilst his “end product” had undoubtedly improved over the last 18 months or so, Zaha has been wowing crowds since first bursting onto scene all the way back in 2010, showing the sort of improvement year on year that you would expect from any young footballer.

If fans from every club *think* that Zaha turns into a world class player against them, it says a great deal more about their susceptibility to media stereotypes than it does about their ability to spot a top class footballer when they see one.


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  • TonyN October 17, 2017 - 11:25 am Reply

    As much as I had no time for Ferguson he was a world class man manager which is why he wanted Wilf. The potential is there and the right managers can bring that out of him. Roy is a better man manager than FdB and will put his arm round him when needed. FdB had things that I still think Palace would have benefited from but we live in the here and now so lets hope Roy can keep Wilf firing on all cylinders as there is not a defender in the Prem that will want to be matched against Mr Zaha.

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