A Shameless Plea To Anyone Who Reads HLTCO

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International breaks are notoriously quiet times in the world of domestic football news, with the press having most of their time taken up by qualifiers all across the globe; a fact which has prompted me to make a plea to you as a regular (or new) reader of Hopkin Looking To Curl One…

You may or may not know that I, as the the sole owner of this site, have had ambitions to make a living as a “writer” for as long as I can remember. After gearing my school life towards a career within the field, I embarked upon a degree in Sport Journalism down in sunny Eastbourne but soon realised that a great deal of the joy I had previously taken from committing my words to paper, was being sucked out of me by word limits, stylistic templates and a routine stifling of creativity.

Whilst I was and still am fully appreciative of the fact that my time on the course undoubtedly made me a better writer, I honestly found a great deal of my enthusiasm for the industry draining away with each week that passed. After graduating in 2010 (a rather turbulent year for Crystal Palace FC, I’m sure you remember) I decided not to pursue a professional role within the sporting press and instead began running HLTCO as a way of helping me rediscover the love of writing about something you’re truly passionate about.

The growth of the site both here and on Twitter has astounded me ever since; with the ever-increasing readership it attracts proving to me that the relentlessly negative feedback thrown my way by one or two of my lecturers was in fact misguided. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my views, in truth, I actively hope that they don’t most of the time, given the need for a variety of opinions within any footballing debate but the sheer size of HLTCO in 2017 is a source of immense pride for me personally.

With that in mind, I feel moved to ask you if you can spare just a few pennies a month to allow me to realise a life-long dream in being paid enough to run this site professionally for just one day a week. As you will see via the link attached at the bottom of this page, I am now $442 of the way towards the $600 a month target which would allow me to dedicate one full working day a week to HLTCO; elevating the quality and frequency of the articles generated on a massive scale.

In the long-term, I’d love to devote more and more of my time to the site, with the structure for doing so explained in the link below but for now, I’m merely hoping to one day hit that elusive $600 mark and spend at least 8 hours of my “working week” putting pieces together for you. Until now, I have written more than 3,500 articles in what is purely my spare time and after taking the decision to remove adverts from the site completely in a bid to make your overall experience better, I’m in need of your help more than ever before.

There is of course no pressure whatsoever being placed upon you to do this and the site will always remain completely free for anyone who wants to read it but if you can spare a small amount each month to help me achieve one of my genuine lifelong dreams, I would be eternally grateful.

Up the Palace!

HLTCO has no adverts, we cannot survive without your help.

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  • Sadallover October 10, 2017 - 4:15 pm Reply

    I will join if you prove you pay tax like the rest of us please send your companies house ref , cheers look forward to joining

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