LISTEN: Pardew Fully Expects Hodgson To Save Palace From The Drop

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Whilst I fully appreciate that the opinions of Alan Pardew aren’t likely to hold much weight in the minds of Crystal Palace supporters, his thoughts on the Eagles’ decision to appoint Roy Hodgson should calm any nerves supporters have over the former England man’s tenure.


After an initial burst of stunning form under the guidance of Pardew, Palace’s form fell off a cliff in 2016, leading to him being sacked for amassing the worst form of any English team over the course of the calendar year. Despite this, his observations on the club do tend to interest me now that he’s out of the firing line, purely because I believe he still cares about the club’s wellbeing.

When quizzed about our choice of manager in Frank de Boer, Pardew was predictably skeptical having tried and spectacularly failed to implement a shift to a possession-based style just a short time before. At the time, I and plenty of others wrote Alan’s words off as nothing more than sour grapes but after a pointless and goalless start to the season, I’m big enough to admit that his concerns were probably well founded.

It is with that in mind that I listened to his observations on our decision to bring Hodgson in with tempered optimism. Obviously, the arrival of the 70-year-old is far from glamorous but after an incredibly brief attempt to adopt “Total Football” in SE25, I’m all for a man who plays to our obvious strengths in the pursuit of points.

Although we cannot and should not forget about the embarrassing circumstances that led to Hodgson’s dismissal from his post with England, his career (all 41 years of it) points towards a man who thrives when placed in charge of clubs of a similar size to our own.

Ask any Fulham or West Brom fan for their feelings on the new Palace gaffer and you’re likely to hear nothing but positivity. Lauded for his results, man management and general demeanour, it seems, on paper at least, as though Roy is the perfect man to steady the ship.

Pardew clearly agrees with them and after feeling initially sketchy about the move, I’m now warming to it more and more as time passes.

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