6 Reasons To Be Excited About Roy Hodgson Coming To Palace

0 Posted by - September 12, 2017 - Daily Thoughts, News

Following Frank de Boer’s sacking at Crystal Palace, it looks for all the world as though former England boss Roy Hodgson is primed and ready to step into the Dutchman’s shoes in the very near future; a call that has led to split opinions throughout the Eagles’ fan-base.

Obviously, the disastrous end to Hodgson’s spell in charge of the Three Lions will play heavily on everyone’s mind but as I said on Twitter yesterday afternoon, it seems pathetic to write off a man’s entire career on the strength of one shock result to an international underdog.

Whilst I’m far away from giving Roy a ringing endorsement for the role as things stand, I did feel as though further research into his reputation with clubs of similar stature to us (namely Fulham & West Brom) was necessary before even beginning to arrive at a conclusion over the seemingly imminent appointment.

Happily, I found two sets of supporters who absolutely adore the man, speaking warmly about both his tactical approach and his general demeanor whilst in charge. Yes, he struggled hugely to make a success of his time at Anfield but perhaps he’s simply a man who is suited to managing clubs of a certain expectation level, rather than those who shoot for the stars year on year; if that is the case, we could just be the perfect place for him.

Clearly still stinging about the woeful way his stint in charge of the national team ended, it sounds as though Hodgson is desperate to repair a battered reputation regardless of his advancing years. In that sense, his story has some remarkable parallels with a certain Sam Allardyce. Let’s just hope, if he does indeed come in and keep us afloat for another season, he doesn’t decide to ride off into the sunset straight away.


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