VIDEO: A Stunningly Good Analysis Of FdB’s Errors As CPFC Boss

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Three games in the Premier League have brought three defeats for Frank de Boer, leading many to the assumption that a loss against Burnley at Turf Moor this Sunday will prompt the Palace hierarchy to relieve the Dutchman of his duties before he’s really had a chance to get his feet under the table. Where has it all gone so wrong so quickly? The discussion below holds almost all of the answers for you.

Whilst those who may only have watched our struggles through the time-sensitive lens of Match of the Day so far this term may look upon the decision to sack De Boer as one of utter lunacy, I for one wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he were to receive his marching orders this weekend; not that he should be lumbered with all of the blame for his dreadful start to life in England.

As you will soon gather when watching/listening to the video attached above, Joe and Alex are far more informed than your average football fans, analysing both De Boer and the Palace squad as a whole with a razor-sharp insight into their strengths, weaknesses and tactical limitations.

No one, including those discussion Palace’s current plight in the above video, wants to batter the club for trying to alter their style of play to a more possession-based model but in attempting to do so with a group who are simply not suited to operating in such a manner, it’s difficult to escape the feeling of our board desperately attempting to hammer a square peg into an undeniably round hole.

I have to admit, I was left a little downhearted after listening to it in full, if only because Alex and Joe have nailed our deficiencies so comprehensively, that I ended up hoping that they could have a word with Frank in the build-up to this weekend’s trip to Lancashire, if only to alter his approach a tad.

I’m sure you’ll agree, they’ve got it spot on.

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  • tzcar September 5, 2017 - 8:03 am Reply

    it,s so obvious a blind man could see.yes,parish made a mistake,ok.but nobody thought that fdb would niavily not understand what player,s he had and the tactic, lose to huddersfield and swansea in the manner that we did,is a disgrace.he give,s us no hope.the player,s are not responding to him.he,s had disputes with parish.the whole thing is rotten.he must go now.after parish has had the gut,s to admit yes they got it wrong,well fix it.

  • Richard C September 5, 2017 - 8:51 am Reply

    Interesting to an extent, but there is quite a lot of stating the obvious. Of course to an outsider who knows nothing about Palace and FDB this information will be a revelation, however to Palace fans it is nothing we don’t already know. As tzcar has already said, mistake made, accept it, fix it, move on.

    The most worrying part of the discussion for me was FDB’s reluctance to be flexible in his tactical approach. If that part is indeed true, then IMO he has to go immediately because this style of play simply does not work with the players we have. Also, rather worryingly, if he simply changes to try and save his job, then that flies in the face of his philosophy and we would have an unhappy manager working a system he doesn’t agree with. It’s a lose, lose situation for him I’m afraid to say. I’d love to be proved wrong but I just can’t see it.

    • admin September 5, 2017 - 9:08 am Reply

      It will be rather ironic if we start out against Burnley with a flat back four, given the apparent love affair Frank has with wing-backs.

      As you say, it will smack of a manager forgetting his principles to hold onto his job for a little while longer which is of no use to anyone.

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