VIDEO: A Glorious Collection Of Zaha’s Best Moments In A CPFC Shirt

2 Posted by - September 3, 2017 - News, Video

He may be out injured at the moment but Wilfried Zaha remains Crystal Palace’s most prized asset and in his absence one fan has taken the time to document the greatest moments of his career to date in one glorious thread on Twitter.

Having been acknowledged by Zaha himself last night, the videos cover a wide variety of the winger’s finest moments in a red and blue shirt, reminding all of us of just what we’ve been missing without him in the side against Liverpool and Swansea.

Whilst the Ivory Coast international is adored by everyone in SE25, his game seems to inspire apathy from a great number of rival supporters, who, I can only imagine, are jealous of his ability to embarrass their full-backs from week to week. It’s an utterly baffling position to take over a player of such obvious talent but on a platform such as Twitter, you can always be sure of getting a stream of bile and hatred in response to anything that is posted.

Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks have shown just how heavily we rely on the wide man in the attacking third. Yes, we have had chances to score against both Liverpool and Swansea but in WIlfried, we have a player who strikes genuine fear into the hearts of the defenders who are tasked with keeping him quiet.

The thread itself has brought one or two comments from Manchester United fans suggesting that we got a bargain in bringing him back to Selhurst for just Ā£5 million but to blindly state that would be to ignore the special relationship he enjoys with the Palace faithful. He has always flourished in south London; it’s just where he feels comfortable to express himself fully.

Could he go on and perform to the same level elsewhere? Possibly. Do I ever want to find out? Definitely not.


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