A Wonderfully Written Examination Of Palace’s Predicament With FdB

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It’s quite possibly just a consequence of his status within the game but Frank de Boer’s short tenure at Crystal Palace has produced a huge number of wonderfully written pieces on the struggles he’s having in getting his ideas across, with the piece attached just below proving to be no exception.

This feature on FdB’s Palace woes is wonderfully written, leaving you unsure of quite where we go next.

Following the resignation of Sam Allardyce (a shock to almost everybody) Steve Parish and his fellow investors spent a huge amount of time searching through the managerial stockpile with methodical precision. In De Boer, they had all hoped to have found the perfect man to guide the club through a period of careful growth but in the early stages of his tenure, we’ve all been left with more questions than answers.

The ambition behind the appointment was admirable, as the piece attached at the top of the page stresses but with the hunger for results so insatiable in the Premier League, you have to wonder if we ruled with our heart and not our heads in plumping for a man whose only success as a manager came at a club who have historically dominated Dutch football.

Comparisons are made with the early stages of Pochettino’s time at Tottenham and Guardiola’s early struggles at Manchester City, whilst also being mindful of the chasm in stature between us and the two aforementioned clubs.

I did wonder at the time of his arrival, what would happen if things got off to a rocky start for De Boer at Palace; after all, it’s far easier to keep faith with a new face when the threat of relegation is never seriously on the table. In our current predicament, despite having only played three games of the 2017/18 league campaign, it’s a reality which is staring us slap bang in the face.

Will the owners hold their nerve, or is De Boer on a hiding to nothing? The above piece offers a truly thoughtful examination of the landscape at present.

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  • Geone August 28, 2017 - 1:03 pm Reply

    He plainly and simply needs to be given a bit more time, 3 games is too early to say if things are going to go downhill for poor Frankie, about 10 or 12 games down the line will tell you a little more on how things will turn out remember Allardyce, did lose 7 in a row lets not forget before things started clicking for him mind you!…

  • Richard C August 28, 2017 - 4:47 pm Reply

    Agreed Geone, but you must remember that Allardyce was able to initiate a style that utilised our existing players strengths and it was also worth noting that the only time we played really well under Allardyce was when Sakho was playing, when he got injured, we looked…. well…. like we look this season. We don’t have Sakho and we definitely do not have the players to play three at the back with wing backs, as our players abilities are simply not suited to that style of play. Everyone is worried, because we are not sure FDB has a plan B. I hate to say it but I think our squad has been finally found out for lacking both depth and competency at this level. I very much doubt we will stay up unless we change at least 4 players and I can’t see the club doing that.

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